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Asics Gel Venture 5 Review

Asics Gel Venture 5 Review

Running is one of the most popular sports in the world. Every runner needs a perfect pair of shoes that adopts the pressure and impacts in running. The best shoes can improve the ability of runner and decreases the tension of the foot. Asics gel venture 5 shoes is a neutral footwear that maximizes the performance of the runner and stabilities the pressures in impacts.

Asics Gel venture is one of the best footwear companies which is designed great footwear which suits for all the needs of runners from a very long time. The meaning of Asics is a healthy soul in a healthy body and the company runs on this concept. Asics footwear can be useful for all the outdoor activities and sports. Here is the Asics gel venture review you need to go through before making the decision:

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Industry Experts

How To Buy Asics Gel Venture 5

You can find a number of various models of shoes in the marketplace. It is not an easy task to select the one from all those different options. You need to learn a lot of things before choosing the best one. Here is a buying guide that explains you everything about the Asics Venture 5:

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#1 How did we pick

Asics company designs their shoes with advanced features that suit for needs of the user. Experts always advise considering few best qualities of the shoes which helps you to choose the good one. Investing in low-quality shoes can be a waste of your time and also causes troubles for your feet. Here are some of the factors and features you need to check:

  • Breathability:

The shoes must be made of high-quality material which allows your skin to breath easily. Low circulation of air can cause damage to your skin and also causes infections. To avoid this problem, the shoe must offer good breathability. Shoes made up of synthetic mesh design allows good air circulation and helps your skin to breathe easily.

  • Durability:

No one wants to purchase a pair of shoes which torns out within few months. The durability of the shoe depends on many factors like quality of the material, design, model, brand, usability, and function. Always pick the one that is made up of high-quality materials. Also, running shoe gets a lot of pressure in the tension points. Asics boots have reinforced pressure points with AHAR rubber that makes this shoes long lasting.

  • Comfort:

Comfort is one of the most important features you need to check in shoes. Without comfort, you can face a lot of troubles. The comfort of a shoe may be affected by many features. Here are the things that increase the comfort:

  • Size:

Always choose a pair of shoes which is the right size for you. Measure your feet once before the selection. Footwear companies offer clear details about the sizes of foot and you have to follow their instructions. Also, keep in mind to have enough space for your socks.

  • Fit:

Make sure the shoe fits right for you. If the shoe is too tight or too lose you may fall over or feel discomfort during the motion of running. Asics shoes are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly all around the feet.

Most of the people may have one foot that is longer than the other one. So, fit your shoe accordingly to your larger foot. The heel fit should be comfortable and must hug the heel. If it does not fit well, it may ride up and down your heel which makes you hard to walk. So, always check the fit correctly.​

  • Design:

The interior design must be comfortable and made up of breathable material. The cushioning effect must decrease the pressure and tensions on the feet. Asics company focus a lot on the interior of the shoes to improve the footwear comfort. The upper part of the shoe must be made up of flexible, soft and adaptable material that contours the shape of your feet. The sole part should provide solid landing and should be anti-slippery.

  • Support:

The outsole must provide good support to your feet. The design of the shoe must support the heel and ankle part as they encounter huge pressures and tension.

  • Responsiveness:

Responsiveness is a unique feature of the Asics shoes. They reflect within seconds of time and increases the performance of the runner. Shoes with high responsiveness minimize the force of the feet and protect your feet from injuries in every impact.

  • Lacing system:

Lacing system in the outdoor shoes must be designed for the easy access to the user. The lacing system in Asics venture 5 is pretty quick and keep the shoes perfectly in the position.

  • Traction:

Traction is an essential feature in the shoes. The traction lugs in Asics venture 5 provides good grip on the ground and protects your feet.

#2 Reasons to trust us

It is a right question to ask us. It is a hard task to trust the resources on the internet and you can actually find a lot of articles about the best shoes. But we are different from all the others in the matter of research, testing and selection. To pick the best shoes for you, we have conducted intense research with the help of our professional team. Our expert team spent weeks of time referring to a lot of resources, testing and reviewing many products. We have spoken to experts and popular athletes to know their personal needs in the shoes. We read the various type of books about the designs of the shoes.

After contacting users, we noted the rate of satisfaction and selected the product for you. We have found many different shoes with good features but nothing caught our eye like Asics venture 5. After deeply analyzing this shoes we have brought this Asics venture 5 reviews for you.

#3 Why you should get this

Running shoes are made for the running sports. Asics shoes are specially designed with the comfort, good fit, and performance. It also increases the forward motion in the mind. Asics venture 5 has many good features that increase the functionality. Rearfoot gel cushioning is an advanced technology cushioning system which improves the ability of runner and decreases the tension on the feet. During the running motion, you can feel pain and pressure due to the impacts from the ground. It can make your feet very tired and also causes injuries to your feet.

So, to avoid this problem, the cushioning system is built in this shoes to keep your feet happy. The interior of the shoes is smooth and soft to be gentle to the feet. The whole design gives you great comfort and best performance.

#4 How we tested

Our team is expert in analyzing and testing the products. We never select any product without testing it. In the process of testing the Asics venture 5, we conducted series of examinations. First, we have selected the Ascis venture 5 based on the buying guide. Our team deeply analyzed each and every feature of this shoe in the laboratory and conducted few tests to check the durability and functionality of the shoes. We went to a sports academy and invited ten athletes to test our shoes. We suggested them to wear the shoes for one month and use them for all the outdoor activities.

After one month, we collected the results and satisfied with the results. This shoe delivers the best performance, best durability, great design, ultimate comfort and overall increases the health of feet. After checking the rate of satisfaction, we selected the product for you.

#5 Care and maintenance

Always take good care of this shoes. Store them in a safe place and avoid any sort of sharp objects around the shoes. Wash them frequently and keep them clean.

Asics gel Venture 5 Review Guides In 2018

Gel venture 5 is the best model of shoes that provides great comfort and a good fit for your feet. The gel is an ultimate feature in this shoes which absorb energy and keeps your feet free from stress. The latest Rearfoot gel cushioning is specially designed for the running motion. During a standard run, the runner's foot may face the force of vertical impact that can cause damage to the heel part. This gel cushioning type stabilizes the pressure on the foot and makes it easy to run for a long time.

This pair of shoes is made up of synthetic mesh that gives good breathability. The rubber sole gives good protection and is very strong in nature. The features in this shoes suit great for all the needs of athletics.

Product Features:

  • Made up of high-quality synthetic mesh;
  • The rearfoot gel cushioning protects your feet from impacts and decreases stress on your feet;
  • It is made up of the rubber sole;
  • Designed with removable sockliner that suits best for medical orthotics;
  • Consists of AHAR outsole rubber which reinforces the pressure points in shoes;
  • Designed with a trail-specific outsole that has reversed traction lugs;
  • Designed with brushstroke pattern underlays;

  Things We Liked:

  • Great design;
  • Comfortable;

  Things We Didn't Like:

  • Wide in size;

Bottom Line:

So, after reading this asics venture 5 reviews, we hope you got pretty good knowledge about this high-quality shoes. Asics is a popular company dedicated to designing best shoes according to the needs of the user. Especially Asics venture 5 shoes are designed with best features for comfort, performance, and style. It’s never too late to own a pair of Asics venture 5 shoes.

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