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3 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Rug

3 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Rug

The best way you can make a change in your home is by the addition of a rug. No matter the size of your home, a simple and elegant rug can immediately make the space aesthetically pleasing and cozy. When you go to buy a rug, there might be many that will please your eye but you need to ask certain questions before bringing the rug home.

1. How to choose the right size of the rug?

Choosing the right size for your rug is as important as choosing the right color of the rug. The advice is to go bigger than you think. There are many people who make a mistake of buying a rug that is smaller in size because large rugs tend to be expensive. However, buying a rug that is too small can make your room feel awkward. Hence, it is best to measure the seating area in your room and use it as a guide. The rug needs to be large enough to fit in the legs of all the furniture present in your room. 

2. What is the best material?

You need to be practical when considering the material of the rug. If you are buying a rug for high traffic areas, you will have to go with something that is durable like a rug made from natural fiber. If the rug is for the bedroom, you can opt for a wool rug or silk fabric. You will easily be able to find top-quality rugs on On hard floors, you need to ensure that you use a non-slip rug mat underneath any rug. 

3. Will a bright rug work in my room?

Your rug will only look like a statement piece when it is not made to compete with different elements inside the room. This is in terms of texture, color or pattern. If your room has a lot of patterns, you need to pick a rug in a single bright color so as to pull all the patterns together. If the room already has a bright color scheme, you can use the rug to add a bit of pattern. In a neutral room, you can let your imagination run wild and choose any color or pattern in the rug. 

Choosing a statement rug can be tricky because it is the most eye-catching and the largest element in the room, apart from the walls. Hence, you need to get it right. If you choose badly, you could end up making a huge mistake which makes your room look out of proportion. Try to answer these three important questions before you buy a rug in order to make rug buying a success. Once you know what exactly you are looking for, you will be more confident about your space and style. Keep your personal style and choice in mind when buying the rug. Never be afraid to pick something beautiful and bright. 

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