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Can You Walk on a Broken Foot with a Boot

Can You Walk on a Broken Foot with a Boot

A broken foot is always painful. There can be many sorts of reasons you got injured and broke your feet due to an accident. Broken foot challenges you to perform daily tasks, and you may not be able to walk for a long time. You might get overwhelmed with the waves of emotions due to pain and discomfort.

Typically your ankle, leg, or foot gets treated with different types of casts and braces. In this time, you might get a doubt that can you walk on a broken foot with a boot? The answer is yes! But you need to choose better boots for your broken foot.

Depending on the type of broken bone and the kind of fracture, a broken foot may take six to eight weeks to heal completely. Some fractures take four to five months if the bone is broken deeply.

Even after the removal of the cast, the soft tissues may get damaged or sprained easily. Broken bone tends to be very sensitive and also gives you tremendous pain even with a simple touch. You need to consult your doctor to get assured before you start walking on your broken foot. If you underwent surgery due to broken feet, you need to be more careful.

After treatment and complete diagnosis, you can choose the right boots for your injured foot. You need to buy a pair of medical boots to recover in lesser time.

In most of the cases, people with the broken foot commits a mistake by walking without boots which causes more pressure on the fractured bone.

Experts always suggest wearing medical boots when you are suffering from a broken foot. Medical boots weigh very less, feel lighter, comfortable and let your feet to heal sooner.

It is always a better thing to buy a pair of medical boots that fit precisely for the needs of your feet. Medical boots don't cause any irritation for the casts and braces. It protects your foot from any further damages and also keeps your cast safer.

Which kind of boots you should choose for a broken foot?

You must select the right pair of boots for your broken foot. Otherwise, it can lead to extreme pain during the movement. There are many types of boots for your medical condition. Depending on the type of broken bone, you should choose the right boots. Here are some of the tips that guide you to select the best one:

  • Comfort:
    Nothing is more important than comfort when it comes to healing. You must be able to walk, sit and stand without any discomfort.

    Specifically while walking the boots must prevent feet from pain and slipping. The boot must be made up of high-quality material with entire soft and smooth texture.

  • Protection:
    There are two types of boots are broke feet: short walking boots and tall walking boots. You should consider the one that suits appropriately for your injury.

    Short walking boots are suitable for a postoperative broken foot. Long boots are ideal for casts and braces as they hold the cast in a secured position.

    Also, check whether the design of the boot is open or closed. The closed boots protect your feet more than open medical boots and prevent the feet from any infections. Closed toe boots keep your foot warmer and safer.

  • Stabilization
    The primary purpose of medical boots is to stabilize the injury. It should reduce swelling, pain and heals you quicker. Stabilization improves your healing process and helps you to walk comfortably.

  • Quality
    While choosing the boots, you must check the quality of the boot. Medical boots are typically made up of leather, rubber, or elastic materials.

We hope you got the answer about can you walk on a broken foot!

Broken feet creates a lot of pain and also hurts your inner spirit. So never let your confidence levels go down and get right kind of treatment in proper time. Invest in best boots and walk like a pro on your broken foot with boots!


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