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Common Home Theater Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Home Theater Mistakes You Should Avoid

Everyone enjoys going to the movies. However, it can be costly to visit movie theaters now and then. As such, many people are opting to invest in home theater systems to enjoy watching movies at the comfort of their home. Setting up a home theater in your home is an investment that pays back. By investing in the right home theater system for your home, you will enhance the enjoyment of TV shows and movies.

However, a poorly designed home theater space can lessen the enjoyment. As such, you should avoid making mistakes when setting up a home theater room. 

Read on for common home theater mist​​​​​akes you should avoid-

1. Picking the Wrong Room

The home theater experience you get mostly depends on the room you choose. You should want a room that offers the best picture and sound quality. Preferably select a rectangular or square room with minimal natural lighting.

While most TVs do fine in semi-lit rooms, darker rooms are better, especially when using video projectors. If you will cover the windows with curtains, ensure they won’t be able to pass light into the room. The room should also be large enough for a comfortable seating arrangement and appropriate viewing distance.

Also, choose a location where you can be able to isolate any noise that may be coming from outside.

2. Investing in the Wrong Size Television

One of the most common home theater mistakes that homeowners make is investing in the wrong size television. Every homeowner wants a big television screen. However, specific TV sizes are not ideal for a particular viewing distance and room size.

For instance, if a TV screen is too large, it will not be ideal for a tiny room or close viewing distance. Similarly, if a TV screen is too small, it will not be a deal for a huge room or far viewing distance. Hence, you need to balance the size of the TV screen with the size of the room and the viewing distance.

3. Mounting a TV Screen Too High Above the Floor

If you love going out for movies in movie theaters, you may have had a stiff neck after watching a movie on a screen that’s set too high. This mostly happens when seating at the front rows. While setting up a home theater system at home, ensure you don’t mount the TV screen too high above the floor. Mount the screen at a level that you won’t pull your neck back while watching. This way, you will be more comfortable. Moreover, you will get a direct view of your favorite movie or TV show and enjoy it in better picture quality.

4. Investing in the Wrong Speakers

Buying the wrong speakers for a home theater system is one of the most common home theater mistakes that you should avoid. Some homeowners spend a fortune on speakers without giving enough thought to the sound quality and size of the sub-woofer and loudspeakers.

For instance, tiny speakers tend to look trendy, but they will not fill a large home theater room with great sound. Similarly, large floor-speakers may not be ideal for a small room since they may take more space and look out of place. Before investing in speakers, ensure you determine the best size for your room and listen to the sound they can produce at a dealer shop before buying.

5. Unbalanced Speaker Levels

Upon buying and connecting speakers, most homeowners turn everything on and fail to balance the speaker levels appropriately. When speaker levels are not balanced appropriately, nothing sounds right.

For instance, you will have sound problems such as failing to hear the dialog over the soundtrack, the sub-woofer overwhelming the room, or the sound effect being too low among other sound issues. The best way to balance the sound is using a sound meter or using auto sound balance in case your home theater system has such capabilities. Also, ensure nothing is blocking the sound that is coming from the speakers.

6. Placing Speakers or Sub-Woofers Inside Furniture Cabinets

Speakers and sub-woofers come with their cabinets, and there is a reason for this. They sound best when they have a certain amount of air resistance and space. Thus, putting them within furniture cabinets will mean adding another cabinet onto the speakers, and this will destroy the sound quality. You can only get the best sound experience by placing speakers and sub-woofers in an open area rather than within furniture cabinets.

7. Failing to Read User Manuals

Most homeowners hardly read the user manuals. This is one of the most common home theater mistakes that people make. Regardless of how easy the home theater system may look, it’s always advisable to read the user manual for all components. Familiarize yourself with the connections and functions before hooking up and setting up the system.

8. Buying by Brand Rather than What is Right for You

Although it’s good to consider a familiar brand, the brand you view as the best may not always be the right one for you. When shopping for a home theater system, compare between different brands and models and only buy the system that meets your needs.

9. Failing to Invest in a Surge Protector

Most homeowners connect their home theater systems directly into the mains socket without using a surge protector. Electrical problems happen anywhere any time. The last thing you would want is having your home theater system destroyed by a sudden surge in power. Invest in a high-quality surge protector to keep your home theater electronics protected.

10. Failing to Seek for Professional Assistance When You Need It

Maybe you have avoided all the previously mentioned home theater mistakes, but something is still not right. Maybe the TV still looks bad, and the sound is terrible. If you’re unable to solve any problem, then consider hiring a professional home theater installer to assist you.

Last Words 

Always remember that knowledge is power. Hence, be informed on what to avoid by keeping these common home theater mistakes in mind. By avoiding these mistakes, you will enjoy the best home theater experience.

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