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5 Steps to Follow for Choosing the Best Dog Food

5 Steps to Follow for Choosing the Best Dog Food

As a respectable dog owner, you should definitely know how to choose the best dog food for your pet. However, there are lots of choices and possibilities when it comes to dog food in general. That is why you probably need to get more information about different types of dog food and everything that goes with it.

Anyhow, there are some guidelines that you can rely on in order to find the best possible food for your dog. Now, let’s see everything about that.

5 Steps – Choose the best dog food

Most of the dog owners make mistakes and buy their dog’s food in the nearest pet store. They actually don’t even know what ingredients go in the dog food and is it even good for your pet. However, we are here to guide you through some steps so that you can see for yourself. Let’s start. 

  1. Commercial Foods
    First of all, commercially processed dog food is not really that bad. Namely, processed food contains the right dose of nutrients and proteins that your dog needs actually. That is why you can freely feed your dog with the processed foods without ant complications.

    Also, there are some types of processed food that are actually quite good for dogs which makes them healthier as well.

    On the other hand, some people think that processed foods are bad and they shouldn’t be given to dogs to eat.

    Anyhow, these opinions are quite strict since these owners don’t feed their dogs with anything they want. They actually choose some specially made dog foods so that their pets would have the best kind of care.
  2. Ingredients
    We all know that dogs can eat pretty much anything, just like humans. That is why you need to find a dog food that contains all the important ingredients like meat, grains, fruits, and vegetables. These are all important for a proper growth and health care in general.

    After all, we are what we eat, that also refers to dogs as well.

    However, your dog should rally get all the important stuff in one portion or on meal. Namely, you have to feed your dog with dog food that contains all these ingredients or at least some of them. In that light, you will make sure that your dog is treated well and that it has pretty good dog food to eat.
  3. AAFCO Regulaions
    The Association of America Feed Control Officials is the organization that regulates the safety and everything important about dog food. Simply speaking, AAFCO brings important regulations that must be followed in order for a dog food to be healthy and good for pets.

    In that light, you should really find a dog food that has their approval sticker.  This way, you will make sure that your dog is eating only the best dog food on the market. So, some of the AAFCO regulations of dog food are:

    Single ingredient of dog food must contain 95% of the given ingredient, excluding water. This means that if the label of the food says it has chicken meat ingredient, it should really have at least 95% of that ingredient.

    All the natural ingredients must be used for making dog food. This means that your dog will be eating only natural food, just like you do. No chemicals or any other stuff like that won’t be present in the dog food.

    If there is a label on the dog food that indicates a flavor, then it only should contain a traces of that flavor.
  4. Nutritional Guidelines
    Next, your dog deserves all the best possible nutritional ingredients that it can get. However, most of the people actually don’t look for this part when they buy their dog food.

    Nutritional Requirement:
    There should be at least 30%-70% carbohydrates, 18%-25% proteins, and 10%-15% fats.

    Your dog’s food should be rich with all sorts of vitamins that you consume as well. 

    Good dog foods must contain some portion of water as well. 
  5. Diet
    The diet is also quite important for choosing the best dog food on the market. Namely, you need to visit the vet and he will determine your dog’s diet. In that case, you need to find the suitable dog food for your dog’s diet.

    This is quite important since you can’t just buy any dog food that you stumble upon. You must find the best dog food that will be good for your dog.

Last Words 

So, choosing a dog food isn’t that hard after all. All you need to take into consideration are these 5 steps and you will be just fine. Your dog will have the enough amount of nutrients and vitamins so it can grow into a healthy and good dog.

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