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Important Tips on How to Maintain Your Home

Important Tips on How to Maintain Your Home

Buying and shifting to a new home can be very exciting and overwhelming. It feels like the beginning of a new life and hope. You take care of your house with full responsibility and enthusiasm. From vacuuming the floors to cleaning the curtains and polishing the cabinets- you make sure you do everything regularly and there is no spot left uncleaned. 

But as the months go by and you get used to your house, you tend to get lazy and start procrastinating. And before you know it, your house is a mess and you don’t know where to start. The one thing that you should remember is that it is okay to ask for help. You should not do everything alone and learn to delegate some of the work. Ask your husband and children to help maintain the house. In this way, they will also learn the art of being responsible and helping each other. 

Maintaining a house can be a little stressful sometimes. There are lots of areas to focus on. It is important to clean both the interior and exterior of your house. We have listed some points that will definitely help you in the process of maintaining your household.


Your interior of the house is where you sleep, bathe, eat and relax. So it is quite obvious that it should be neat and hygienic. So here are the few basic things that you should start with:

Take out the unnecessary stuff:

Sometimes we do not even realize the amount of unrequired and unnecessary stuff we have stacked in our house. So the first thing you should do is to clear your kitchen and room of the stuff that you do not require any more. There must be many things in your refrigerator that are expired; throw them out and clear some space for the fresh food. You should also check the expired medicines for your safety and throw them in the bin. Then there are tons of clothes and accessories, belonging to you or other family members, which do not either,need fit you, or you don’t like to wear them. You can give those to someone who might actually use them or even try and sell them online.   

Clean the stains:

Beer from the bowling night, cake frosting from your daughter’s 5th birthday, spilled gravy from the excitement of Christmas or the red wine from the romantic Christmas dinner: if you observe your cushions, carpets, and sofas, there is a story behind every stain. But yes, you need to remove these stains as they can be really unhygienic and gives a bad impression. You can check the cleaning hacks to get rid of them or send them to your dry cleaners.     

Scrub the tiles:

You should not forget to scrub the floor tiles as they can change their color with time. Is the dust sticks on them; it can become very stubborn and eventually difficult to remove. You can make use of your kitchen ingredients to clean these tiles. Ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and salt have proved to very effective while cleaning the tiles.     

Apart from these 3 major cleanings, it is important to dust every cabinet, show pieces, bookshelves and other corners of the house. Be sure to clean the kitchen and bathroom sinks which, if not cleaned, can be the major source of infections in your house. 


Even though you spend most of your time inside the house, but it is important to maintain the outside as well. People get the first impression of your house by the kind of exterior you have maintained. There are lots of things to be considered will cleaning the outside area as well:

Start with the roof:

Jeff Stewart from Homes In Meridian teaches that when doing exterior home maintenance, it is best to start with the roof. The dust from the roof is bound to fall on the ground, which can be cleaned later all together. You can clean the roof by using a water spray. You will definitely find some algae or other types of growth which can be removed with the right type of chemical in a considerate amount. Also, do not climb up your roof without taking precautions. You can also hire a professional in case your roof is very steep or high.       

Clean the windows:

Nothing is as distracting as dirty windows. You need to clean your windows very regularly. You can use a sponge as a tool to clean the windows.  You can also make use of your old toothbrush to clean the corners of the windows where the sponge cannot reach. You can again use vinegar, which is like a magic tool in the process of cleaning.  

Beautify the garden:

If you have a beautiful garden in the front, then consider yourself very lucky. Making your entrance beautiful gives a very positive vibe to the people who are coming to your home. You should keep your garden very clean and maintain it by giving water to the plants. Plat as many beautiful flowers as you can. You can decorate your garden by putting up garden ornaments. You can also put up lights in your garden, which will make the garden attractive even at night. 

Give a welcoming look:

Setting up your porch will definitely give a warm vibe to your guests. You can set up the porch with some beautiful and comfortable furniture and a center table. You can also put up a swing chair to relax. This set up not only beautify your porch but also gives you a comfortable place to sit with your loved ones and enjoy the mesmerizing summer evenings.  


You should repaint the walls which now looks shabby and can bring down the whole look of the house. Along with painting the walls and roof, you should also check the garage door if it needs to be painted or polished. Painting the fences of your garden also gives it a very appealing look. 

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