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How Technology Has Changed the Modern Hunting

How Technology Has Changed the Modern Hunting

Technology has taken the hunting game to an excellent extent. Now things that could be done easily, was really challenging back then. Trail cameras, GPS, spotting scope, etc. a lot of such things have made their way to hunting which made hunting for us way too easier. The manufacturers are using the latest technologies in bows to guns, in order to increase the power, accuracy, and functionality.

Not only a few but each and every tool are getting advanced day by day with the touch of latest technologies. However, I have listed some gears below which have thrown major impact on the hunting. These things made hunting really easy. Have a look.

Shooting speed & accuracy

The manufacturers are squeezing in a lot of innovations in both gun and bow. Gun’s and bows nowadays are way too smoother and accurate than they used to be before. This smoothness is allowing us to practice more and more without any fatigue. And easy to control functions of these shooting equipment's are really helpful for newcomer hunters.

Because of technologies now we can hunt down targets from long distances which were almost impossible before. On the other hand, bows and guns nowadays come in smashing designs which amazes everyone.


Weight plays a big role in hunting. The more weight you carry; the sooner you will be tired which will make you feel quitting hunting for that day. Once people used to carry heavy bags loaded with equipment in hunting but now manufacturer are using light materials which are lightweight and durable at the same time. So now you can carry all the equipment and it won’t even put excessive pressure on your shoulder.


GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It works by the satellite. Once people used to put marks on the trees or other things so that they can easily find their way and now GPS does it all. Nowadays without a GPS hunting is almost impossible. You can easily get lost in the wild paths and GPS will help you to find your way.  Not only that this will help you to find safe settler, water source, different areas, etc. Most professional hunter uses handheld GPS tracker, to make their hunting experience nicer.

Spotting Scope

A spotting scope is vision tool which made tracking the target way to easier than it used to before. During hunting, if you see any movement far away from you, obviously you’ll pick the binocular and would try to figure out what are those actually. With the binocular, you won’t get a clear vision.

On the other hand, a spotting scope has much more magnifying capability than the binoculars. With this scope, you will get a clear image of the size and even sex of the animal. Spotting scopes are a regular tool for intense hunters.

Though spotting scopes are probably one of those unutilized scopes because people get intimidated with the price. But actually, spotting scopes deliver superb value for the money and they are really an amazing gadget for hunting, thanks to the technology.

Trail Camera

Not only in hunting, but trail cameras can also help you in other ways too. Trail cameras are kind of a security camera. The purpose of using a trail camera is when you have to focus on multiple tasks and they have changed the way of the hunting. Using these cameras on hunting means having an eye on the area when you are not even there.

And even better, now some latest trail cameras can take snaps and immediately send to you through email, but for this, you’ll internet connection. For example, if you are a deer hunter with the help of such a camera you can keep an eye on them, know their timing which will help you to hunt them down easily.

Firefly wind detector

It is a small handheld device used to detect the direction of the wind. In hunting knowing the wind direction and hiding from the target is really important. And this wind detector uses advanced technology and they can detect even the slightest wind movement which is undetectable in the human sense.

Using this device is really simple, all you have to do is pressing the button and the device will 512 readings in every second. And will give you the data through the LCD screen which will turn of automatically after 8 seconds of showing the data.

Caldwell Wind Wizard II

The Caldwell Wind Wizard II is another handy device which gives the exact speed of the wind. Whenever you are about to hit a target from long distance, knowing the direction and speed of the wind is highly important in order to avoid miss shot. So wind speed is mandatory information to find out the trajectory of the bullet or arrow.

Burris Eliminator

The Burris Eliminator is a must have tool for every professional hunter. The main benefit of using a Burris Eliminator is, it will help a hunter to aim perfectly. It is actually kind of a rangefinder or ballistic calculator which has been built into the rifle scope. So whenever the button is pressed, the Burris eliminator will show a red dot button in the scope which appears on the crosshairs. And then aim the red dot on the target and hits the trigger, the trophy is yours.


Isn’t is really irritating to be disturbed by mosquitoes or other flies when you are hiding somewhere and keeping your eyes on the target? All credit goes to the technology, thermacell is something which will keep mosquitoes and other fly insects away from you, so that you can concentrate on your target. On the other hand, it has an odorless gas cartridge so you will remain undetected. Overall a nice tool to avoid getting hunted by the flies.

Scent Eliminator

During hunting, eliminating humans scent is crucial for having a satisfying hunt. Animals, especially deer have an improved sense of smells. So that means, your scent can easily notify your target about your presence which can make you lose a potential catch. That’s where scent eliminator machine comes in.

They use ozone’s unstable molecular structure in order to bond with the human scent and changes them which makes human body scent undetectable to animals. The Ozonics HR-200 is great scent eliminator as it has silent off/on operation and green utility light.

Leupold Vendetta Bow Rangefinder

It a rangefinder which is designed to be attached to the bow. The rangefinder releases a continuous bean which displays a digital real-time reading in the red display. That means you don’t have to make any guess about the distance between you and your target.

Hunting apps

Almost every people has access to a handheld device called smartphones. And now some smartphone apps are delivering help to the hunters by providing them with weather status, images of the hunting area, hunting tips, etc. Even better, currently there are some apps which can be connected to your bow or gun site and that will allow you to see your target on your smartphone.

Last Words 

There is no denying that technologies have made hunting really easy for us. Once people had to encounter a lot of obstacles during hunting, thankfully because of the advancement we are not facing those. However, time to wrap up the article. If you have any disagreement or suggest, put drop them on the comment box. Happy haunting!

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