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How to be a good Parent(9 Easy Ways)

Many people misinterpret the statement on how to be a good parent as an act that aims at providing parenting advice that transforms the behavior of your child. But good parenting goals involve focusing your parenting skills in developing your children into future responsible adults. As a parent, you also need to build your character trait so that you can attune and nurture your children in the best way possible.

Good parenting is tedious, and it can be a tough task for lazy moms. At parenting 101, we have reliable all-time information based on good parenting advice that brings a profound positive influence on your entire family.

Parenting 101 is an online parenting hub for both the lazy moms and avid mothers who are willing to put their kids on toes for a responsible future.

Here are the golden tips you can use to become a better parent-  

Praise Your Kids in the Best Ways

Give the most appropriate praise to your children rather than saying "you're excellent" you can go direct what your child did to deserve such a positive acknowledgment. You may say "l wouldn't wait long to come home and enjoy the happiness with you, you made me proud at school, keep it up." Every time you realize your child has done something commendable cheer the excellent stuff. Let your child know your feelings. This technique is good as it triggers good trait in your kids so that he keeps doing the right thing.

Additionally, you can gossip about your children. The truth behind gossiping is that a message overheard leaves a strong impact than what we can hear directly. Make often praises about your kids through whispering it to their grandpa, mom or even his siblings. If your child catches you whispering a positive compliment about him, it will sink deep in him. 

Always Tell Them That You Love Them

Show love to your kids on equal measures, but you should treat each one of them uniquely. Say "l love you" as many times as you cam It's not possible that you'll spoil your child with too many smooches and too many affectionate words. Always remember what the old people say that you're only lent the children for a short period. Therefore, during the fleeting years provide the best you can to bring up your kids into responsible adults.

Maximize on Physical Activity and Brainpower

Teaching sign language to your child who's unable to talk is excellent parenting advice given especially to the lazy moms, but it works for all parents. Simple signs assist you to communicate with your kid, know what he wants or even how she feels about something and his health before she masters the words to talk. Keep the TV in the family living room.

Research has consistently demonstrated that children who are exposed to the TV in their bedrooms score lower grades at school, weigh more, have poor social skills and have sleepless nights. So, you ensure your child's bedroom has no tube to help control what she watches and the time of watching.

Get your kids exercising slightly. Scientifically, the rate of brain development of kids is dependent on how active they are. Keep your kids busy. You can let him walk rather than riding on his wheels. During the day ensure to place the child on his stomach severally so that he gets adequate exercise.

Set Smart Limits

Children long for limits, an attribute that enables them to manage and understand the ever-confusing world So, you need to take charge and demonstrate your utmost love by setting limits or boundaries to give your children an opportunity to discover and explore what they're passionate about safely. The mission of your toddler is to have independence. So, when you realize your kid is developing some sense of responsibility through doing things like removing her plate after eating from the table, dressing on her on, and safely putting away her toys, let her. Avoid clipping your kid's wings. Giving duties to your kids is prudent for developing her self-esteem and your sanity as a parent. Also, don't fix everything for your kids.

Let them learn how to get solutions for challenging issues. Your kids become resilience and self-dependent when you allow them to go through minor frustrations without promptly hurrying to save them.

Show Your Kids That Discipline is Not Punishment

While enforcing limits, it's worth noting that discipline is not punishment. Enforcing boundaries is equal to teaching your kids how they should carry themselves before the world and enabling them to attain virtues like self-control, competent and caring. Always remember that kids can't withstand too many conditions without getting pissed off.

Therefore, for you to demonstrate good parenting skills, pick your battles. Refrain from engaging in minor arguments like occasional potty language and types of fashions. Focus on serious and weighty matters, but this should not be translated into lying, addressing them rudely or hitting your kids unnecessarily. 

Have Quality Time with Your Kids


Play around with your kids. Allow them to pick an activity and don't mind about the rules. Just blend in as per the flow and enjoy with them. To achieve the best parenting goals, you can also initiate reading books with your kids on a daily basis. Make it a habit when your kid is newly born. Babies cherish hearing the voice of their parents. Cuddle your child and read a book together to prepare him for a future reading habit.

Encouraging for daddy time is also among the most beautiful parenting skills. Time with dad is the most significant untapped resources for many families to improve the life of their kids. Start it early and more often. Kids who have a father who is always engaged with them are said to perform better in school work, have excellent problem-solving skills and have excellent endurance skills to what life brings them. Children are prone to forgetting.

So, for you to live an impact as a parent, your parenting skills should comprise of making warm memories. You kids could probably forget most of the things you tell them, but can easily remember family activities like game night and bedtimes that you practice together.

Be Your Kids' Role Model

Kids do what they see their parents do when they grow up. Being respectful, displaying good behaviors and modeling works better than dictating to your kids what they should do.

The best way to demonstrate to your kid the appropriate time and how to apologize is when you as the father fess up when you mess up. Always be truthful. It's the way you want your kids to behave, right? Then demonstrate it by telling the truth always. 

Hug and kiss your spouse before your kids because your marital life is the only evidence your kids can relate to the real picture of an intimate affair. So, set a good standard for your kids.

Bring Up Grateful Children

Parenting 101 focuses on giving you information that you can apply to have thankful kids. Being grateful is essential parenting advice that can help your kids grow into responsible citizens. Show your kids the art of volunteering and assisting others to accomplish some duties freely. Your child develops a sense of self-worth through participation in voluntary activities in the society. Don't spoil your child.

Always remember that no kid is the whole world, and each child is a priceless gift.

Great parenting goals involve a parent who discusses what it means by being a good countryman Begin as early as possible; you can choose to read bedtime stories and try asking your kid whether being mean is a virtue or a vice and help him explore why. Values are vital, and your child must know it. Tell your kid that when you're honest, kind, respectful and generous, you make your friends feel nice about you.

Creating a habit of forming a gratitude circle during dinner is among the best parenting goals that result into your kids learning about being kind and generous.

Teach Social Skills

Many parents don't teach social skills to their kids. For instance, you can help your kid learn life skills by asking questions like what fun did you engage in at school? What activity did you indulge in at the party you attended? What's your schedule for tomorrow morning? These questions will give good parenting skills to your kids. Also, teach your kids how to be brave.

Teach them to discern the individual's color of the eyes. Explain to your kid that having a steady eye contact improves your confidence and it induces assertiveness which helps you chosen in an interview. Accept your child's strong feelings and emotions. When the meltdown of your kid is over, ask her how he felt being in such an attitude and suggest the ways that would make it better next time. Always listen to your kid. If you allow your kid to talk to you freely, she will quickly heal from that tantrum.

Last Words 

Your children expect the ultimate feeling of love from us their parents. It's our role as parents to acquire proper parenting goals that will assist us to raise our kids wonderfully.

Neglecting this fact will make our kids suffer emotional torture which will subject some kids to depression Parenting 101 offers essential parenting skills needed to make us be receptive parents while raising our young ones. Through the tips, you can develop a spontaneous demonstration of love and affection for your kids and the whole society. This sounds easy, but in the real sense, it is among the most challenging activity we face as parents.

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