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How To Clean Shoes? 17 Step By Step Guide!

How To Clean Shoes? 17 Step By Step Guide!

How to clean shoes - 17 Simple Steps!

Why so bother about cleaning shoes? Many of us find it extremely tedious. But it is truly a mandatory work for your shoe to keep as new. No matter how you walk or travel, your shoe gets dirty. So cleaning shoe is important. The good thing about a shoe cleaning is it is not so tough job and also it needs less time. But you need to know the materials of the shoe and the process to clean them. So let’s jump into this article and know some simple steps on how to clean shoes.

How to clean shoes like a boss:

The Shoe plays a vital role in showing your personality and taste. Do you know your personality reflects with the shoe you wear? For an example when you wear colorful sneakers, you will be known as stable in nature and carefree. If you wear a leather boot than you will be treated as an attitude person. So you have to be careful to wear a perfect shoe to explain your personality. People do judge you with what you are wearing and how are you carrying yourself.

Just look how the shoes talk about one's personality:

  • Trainer shoe: This shoe speaks about the profession, anyone can guess the owner is an athlete.
  • Boots with knee-high: Everyone will admire you for your confidence look.
  • Stilettos: Reflects your gentle nature.
  • Ankle belt flats: You are confident and professional.
  • Brogues: Your personality is smart and casual.

Amazed to see the reflection of personality with the only shoe? This is why I am telling how important shoe is. To keep shoe happy and healthy, it is important to keep it clean and shiny.

Here I will talk about 17 steps of how to clean shoes. Don’t get bored, take some snacks when you are reading it. So here we go:

#1 Cleaning canvas shoes

When your canvas shoes sometimes need proper cleaning then you should have followed sometimes these easy steps:

  • First, remove the dirt from your shoe with a toothbrush. Don’t scrub the shoe with pressure, just stroke the shoe. The dirt will go away.
  • You can also clean the sole of the shoe with a homemade paste. The paste is made from water and baking soda. Just apply the paste and wipe it with a wet cloth. Your sole will be new and fresh.
  • If your shoe gets a stain, apply stain remover and leave it for a while. The stain will go away.
  • You can also clean the shoe in the washing machine. Add mild detergent in the cold water and select the gentle wash of the washing machine.
  • Make sure to dry the shoe. You can dry it under the sun or heat. Let it dry overnight.

#2 Cleaning leather shoe

Leather shoe is one of the favorite shoes among shoe users. Don’t think the cleaning process is different for its popularity, the cleaning process is relaxing and fast. The steps are:

  • Use an old toothbrush to stroke out the dirt from the shoe. Don’t scrub, it will damage the shoe surface.
  • If your shoe gets grease and grime, get a dry cloth and wipe the shoe surface. After dry wiping, take the cloth and wet it with warm water. Then wipe the shoe gently. Remember don’t use excess water.
  • Use shine to give your leather shoe a shiny look.
  • Remember to dry your shoe in air properly. Or else your shoe will face damage.

#3 Cleaning suede shoe

Suede shoes are fashionable and also a delicate shoe that is defenseless to stain, scuff and scratch. For handling this sensitive shoe, the cleaning steps are gentle and effective.

  • To remove the excess dirt from the shoe, just brush lightly and don’t scrub. But while brushing do it in one way. Don’t brush in two directions as the suede shoe has two different colors. Do not ever use the wire brush, it is harmful to your shoe.
  • If your suede shoe gets smudged, you can get it done with an eraser. It works like magic.
  • When you need to get stain away from your shoe, just use silicon spray. Your stain will go away forever and your shoe life will get more extension.

#4 Cleaning a vinyl shoe

Vinyl shoe is cool in look and the cleaning steps are stress-free and swift.

  • To clean the dirt from the vinyl shoe surface and sole, you will need an old toothbrush. Just use the brush gently, your work will be done.
  • Don’t get sad after seeing the smudge on your shoe, just take your pencil eraser and rub it gently. You will see the smudge is gone. Cool right?
  • When you need to wash your vinyl shoe than take a clean damp cloth and Luke warm water with mild soap. Use the wet cloth on the shoe and wipe it. Before washing remember to remove the excess dirt away.
  • After washing does keep the shoe in dry place. Let it dry in the air.

#5 Cleaning white shoes

We all know that keeping white things especially white shoes clean is near to impossible. But we have to keep it clean. Amazingly cleaning white shoe is not hard as it sounds. Just maintain regular timing and follow the steps accurately.

  • Wipe the shoe with an old cloth, if possible daily.
  • If your white shoe gets a stain, take white shoe cleaner or white toothpaste. Apply on the shoe properly and gently.
  • After it wiping the shoe then use dry cloth for drying.
  • If the shoe gets stain than you can you can use detergent water and a scrub brush. After scrubbing than use hot water to clean and let it dry for the whole night.
  • You can wash your shoe in washing machine easily with hot water and detergent. You have to wash it gently.

#6 Cleaning Patent leather shoes

I think for relaxed cleaning steps, everyone would own a patent leather shoe if it was possible.

  • Wipe all the dirt away with a dry wipe cloth.
  • Then use oil or petroleum jelly and wipe your shoe with it. By this, the stain will go away and your shoe will shine more than before.

#7 Cleaning sheepskin boots

As you can see this boot is made from sheepskin. So it needs special care while cleaning. Do follow the steps properly:

  • To brush the shoe, you need a suede brush. It is best for brushing away the extra dirt from the sheep boot.
  • If you need to wet the shoe surface, soak the shoe with a clean cloth in the cold water. Then wipe the shoe with it without excess water.
  • It is better to use sheepskin cleaner and condition cleaner to clean this shoe. It is easy to use. Just take an old clean sponge and squeeze the mixture in it. Then clean the shoe with it. Apply the cleaning solution all of the parts or else your shoe will leave with the stain. After using the cleaning solution then wash the boot with cold running water. Wait until washing away the cleaning solution away totally. Then stuff the boot with newspaper, it is for keeping the shape in form. Also, the shoe will get dry quickly. Let the shoe dry for 24 -48 hours. But without direct sunlight or heat. Because excess heat ruins the fabric of the shoe. After the shoe gets dry fully then apply Stain and Water Repellent spray. This spray will keep your shoe healthy and fresh.
  • Yes, you can wash this boot in the washing machine. But you have to do with care. Place the boot in a pillowcase. Then select the wool cycle of washing machine. Then after washing the boot, let it dry in the air, not in direct heat. After drying use brush to give the boot shape back in previous.
  • If you own a special sheepskin boot like a mosaic, floral or embroidered than you have to clean it carefully. Use a soft cotton cloth and wipe it gently in one direction. Then apply protective spray. It is good for shoe health.
  • Whenever you see that your shoe got oil or grease stain than trying to clean it as soon as possible or else it will get the permanent stain. Put a chalk powder on the stain and left it for overnight. Then brush the chalk powder away and you will see the stain has gone away.
  • If your boot gets the stain from dirt and salt than brush the shoe with a suede brush than use an eraser on the stain.

#8 Cleaning Running shoes

Yes, this shoe gets dirty fast and it is unavoidable. To clean it:

  • If you can then remove the insole. Wash it and make your shoe fresh.
  • As it obvious that your shoe surface will get mud and dirt. So clean the surface with a brush and hot water mixed soap. Cleaning will be easy.
  • After washing stuff the shoe with paper, this will help the shoe to get dry fast without getting damp.

#9 Cleaning Flip-flops

Yes, you have to clean this simple flip-flop sandal.

  • Take a sponge and water with dish soap. Then use the sponge water on the sandal. After scrubbing use a sunshine to give a fresh and new look.
  • You can also wash this flip-flop in the washing machine. Use mild soap and cold water in the washing machine.

#10 Cleaning Cork wedges

This shoe has heels. Don’t worry about the cleaning heels. It will not take time.

  • Make a cleaning solution of mild detergent and warm water and mix vinegar in it.
  • Then use a cloth and wet it with the solution and wipe the shoe.
  • Left it for 2 days to get dry.

#11 Cleaning Rope wedges

Rope wedges shoe is made from absorbing fabric. For this fabric, this shoe tends to get stain and dirt quickly. So it needs quick cleaning and the steps are relaxing. So no worries.

  • Just take a toothbrush and dip it in a cleaning solution.
  • Then clean it and let it dry in sunny place.

#12 Cleaning loafer shoe

Loafer shoe is a working shoe. You can guess the shoe needs a frequent wash. Anyone can clean a loafer shoe with ease.

  • You can clean a loafer shoe with washing powder.
  • If you have stains on the shoe than use baking soda, the stain will go away.

#13 Cleaning working boots

Working boots are rough and tough in look. But you will be amazed at the cleaning process it is so simple. You can clean this boot with a baby wipe- yes it is true. Just use it and see the cleaning magic.

# 14 Cleaning converse shoe

The converse shoe comes with lace and it gives a stylish look when you wear it. But this shoe gets dirty soon. You have to keep the cleaning equipment’s near you as you will need them frequently.

  • Use washing powder and warm water to clean this shoe. Scrub the dirty area and use water thoroughly. After wash let it dry in the air.
  • If your shoe has a black spot than use toothpaste to remove the spot.
  • You can also wash this shoe in the washing machine. Use detergent powder and water in the machine and wash the shoe.

#15 Cleaning slippers

Slippers are mainly used in the home. Your feet feel cozy when you wear it. To keep your feet happy and healthy, you have to keep this slippers clean.

  • As this shoe is made from cotton, it is wise to wash them in the washing machine. Try to use warm water when you are washing this shoes.
  • You can also wash it with hand. Just take water and detergent and soak the slippers. Then wash it with hand by rubbing. After washing thoroughly in the water, get all the water out. Then dry it under the sun.

# 16 Cleaning leather slipper

Leather slipper is a very popular slipper. They are comfortable to wear. The cleaning steps are quick and effective.

  • When you need to wash the leather, take a soap that is friendly for leather. Wet a cloth with that soap water then wipes the slipper. Then use a dry cloth to clean the soap water. Let it dry for some time and then use leather conditioner. It will help the slipper to shine as new. Take a baby wipe and clean inside the slipper. Then let it dry for some time in the air.

#17 Cleaning jelly shoes

Jelly sandals are best for summer days. You can use them after every wash easily and comfortably.

  • To clean the dirt from the jelly shoe, you can use a simple shower gel.
  • For removing the stain, use baking soda and water mixture. It works.

Some special tips for your shoes:

Cleaning shoe totally depends on how you use your shoe and how you take care of them. Yes, shoes also need special care. So try to take extra care of your shoe for long lasting and to keep your feet healthy.

  • ​We tend to keep our shoes in the box thinking that they will stay good by this. But some shoe material doesn't like to stay in the box. The close environment causes damage in shoe material. So know the shoe material and take care of it per its requirement.
  • If you want to dry your leather shoe than let it dry at normal room temperature. Avoid direct sun heat or machine heat. It will cause a permanent damage to your leather material. Your shoe color will fade away.
  • Try to keep your shoes in open place and let air pass in it. It will help your shoe to stay fit for long.
  • You will see your shoe is full of dirt. Then use a dry cloth to wipe the dirt then a wet cloth to clean the shoe. After cleaning let it dry. Don’t use a dry heater. Let it dry naturally.
  • When you are using a cleaning solution, do look for a solution without alcohol and acetone. Because these are responsible for discoloring the shoe color.
  • Use shoe tree to absorb the moisturizer. This step helps to give your shoe a long life.
  • Get the habit of polishing your leather shoe daily. This keeps your shoe shiny and long-lasting.
  • If you have a suede shoe, try to use suede spray. This spray works as protector and protects your shoe getting damaged from dust, mud, and water.
  • In the rainy day, your shoe gets wet and it is a must. If you face this situation than dry the shoe as fast as possible. Stuff the newspaper and let the moisture dry. Then keep the shoe in the well-aired area. Don’t use hair dryer or heater. They will damage the material.
  • If possible, try to avoid sponge using as the wiper. Because not every sponge is better for your shoe.
  • When you get a new shoe, I recommend to get a new rubber sole and attach it to your new shoe. This simple task helps you to keep your shoe damage free and give a long lasting feature.
  • Use leather balm and cream to give your leather boot a strong and long-lasting look.
  • If you see your brown shoe looking old, just polish the shoe with black color. No one will guess that you are with your old shoe. Tricky right?
  • When you see that your sneakers rubber sole has the stain, just take a nail polish remover. Apply it on the stain. There will be no stain.
  • You will see some scuff marks on your patented shoe. To remove them, use Vaseline. It really works.
  • In the leather boot, water stain is a very common stain. Use white vinegar on the stain. There will be no stain on the boot.
  • Try a fingernail file on your dirt and stain on your suede shoe. it will be gone forever.
  • Don’t worry if your shoe gets oil stain. Apply shampoo on the stain. It will go away.
  • To clean your fleece line shoe, use dish soap. It will get clean.
  • Want your shoe to be waterproof? Use beeswax. It works.
  • To polish your leather boot, use Hair conditioner, your shoe will be new.
  • Use a toothpaste to wash away the dirt of your leather shoe.
  • Have no shiny in your home but want to shine shoe now? Then take a newspaper and rub it on the shoe. It will shine.
  • If possible attach a mesh in your washing machine. It is for keeping your sneakers protected from an excess wash in the machine.
  • If you have a problem with shoe odor, then use this homemade deodorizer. Take some cornstarch, essential oil and baking soda. Mix them and put them in a piece of cloth. Place the cloth in the shoe. your shoe will smell fresh and new.
  • Sometimes we have to act quickly when there is no time for cleaning shoe. If your sneaker is dirty and you have to go out in the hour, then use this solution. Take lime juice and baking soda. Use this mixture on the shoe with a toothbrush. Scrub it on the dirty place and wipe it with the wet cloth. Yes, your shoe is clean and new.
  • Take a nontoxic wood cleaner and scrub it on the shoe with a toothpaste. Your shoe will be clean.

I am honored that you are still here with me. I think I have given enough lectures and tips of cleaning shoes. If you have gone through the full tips and ideas of cleaning shoes, you can guess that it is not so tough to clean shoes. Even you will not need a whole day to clean your shoe.

Agree with me or not, but shoes do really play an important role in your look and in style. People can guess your personality and taste only by seeing your clothes and shoe. So you have to be careful while selecting the shoe. As the shoe is for fashion look than it is just to keep it clean either by boot laces.

How to clean shoes infographics

Many get confused with how to clean shoes as all shoe materials are not same. So when you get ready to wash it, do know the material of the shoe and what is harmful to it. Then go for the cleaning process. Don’t be rough and tough with shoes, wash gently and use gentle soap or detergents. It is for keeping shoes healthy for a long time. Enjoy your times with your clean shoe!!

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