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How to keep basketball hoop from falling over

How to keep basketball hoop from falling over

If you are using in-ground / permanent basketball hoop then this is not an issue for you. But when you are using a portable goal you must take this into consideration.

Yes, we are talking about the falling over of a portable system. While a portable goal provides you the luxury to move them anywhere you want, simultaneously it can be a cause of your injury as well if you don’t take safety measurement seriously. Particularly if you are living in an area where strong wind is something very common.

Not only because of the wind but also slam dunking sometimes can be the cause of wobbling and eventually falling over.

That’s why to avoid severe injuries it is essential to take some extra steps. I am going to help you with this in this article. Although a very few steps can be taken to minimize the risk of falling over, but these are effective ones and practically proven.

So continue reading if you don’t want to get hurt!

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1. Use Sand Instead of Water to Fill the Base

I understand and feel like you.

Yes, it is a lot easier to fill the base with water than sand. Not only filling up the base but also when you make the base empty it is easier to drain the water from the base than removing the sand. On top of that if you fill the base with water then it is easier to move it from one place to another.

Despite having all these benefits, we still suggest you using sand instead of water.


Because sand ensures more stability than water. The sand will give you approximately 45% more stability than the water.

How cool is that?

So, isn’t it worthy to take the pain of filling the base up with the sand instead of water to make it more stable? You will even find a portable basketball hoop that supports both sand and water together to fill the base. It delivers you a nice blend of manageability to you as you can easily remove the water while keeping the sand, and make it easy to move from one place to another.

2. Using “BaseGel”, is Even a Better Solution than the Sand

Have you ever heard of BaseGel?

If you are a regular user of a portable basketball goal then you must be heard of this state of the art solution to fill up the base.

But if you are not quite familiar with BaseGel here is a brief introduction.

BaseGel is a polymer absorbent manufactured by the H2Old company located in Atlanta, Georgia. This works like a charm when it is about using an optimized solution to ensure the stability of the hoop.

You can buy this product from Amazon or any other online stores that sell basketball product.

Why should you use this?

Because one 16 oz of BaseGel bottle replaces about 400 lbs of sand or 40 gallons of water. So it worths spending the money, right?

The way to use BaseGel is also relatively easy. You just have to follow some simple steps.

At first, fill the base with ⅔ of the BaseGel and then fill the half of the base with water. After that, add the rest of the base and fill up with water again up to the suggested level of water by the manufacturer.

That’s how simple it is to fill the base with BaseGel. Within few minutes it will turn into a firm gel.

BaseGel is 100% environment-friendly and can be used in any climate. It surely offers more stability than sand or water, and it resists leaks if the base develops any crack or hole.

Removing the BaseGel is also an easy process. But remember one usage of BaseGel will remain as firm gel up to 7 years from the day you start using. So until you really need to remove it, it is better to keep it as it is in the base.

If you really in need of removing the BaseGel here is the process. Just pour salt and water solution into the base and done! The gel will turn into liquid and drain out the water from the base.

Convenient, right?

If you want to know more about BaseGel, visit their official FAQ page here.

3. Put any Extra Weight on Top of the Base

Putting an extra weigh on top of the base can end up giving you a handsome solution to keep the portable basketball hoop from falling over.

Extra weight can be anything like a couple of bricks, a sack of sand, etc. But don’t put too many things, otherwise, it can be a cause of damage to the base.

4. Anchor it to the Ground

This is going to be our last tips but not the least tip to keep your goal from falling over. In combination with the other method I discussed so far, this method will convert your portable hoop into a semi-permanent hoop and minimize the risk in great extent.

For this method, you need to buy some instrument to start with. Don’t worry it will not break your bank and you can find them in any online store that sells hardware. It will take probably about $30 altogether to buy the items.

So, buy Two big industrial eyehook screws that are about 14 inches long each, one ratchet strap.

At first, screw down the eyehook screws to the ground on two opposite side of the hoop base. Depending on the hardness of the ground/soil you have to take the help of a wrench to screw them down. Then hook the strap with both end of the screw.

You will also find hoop anchor on the market particularly made to anchor down a portable basketball hoop

Closing Remarks

We have discussed four useful methods to help secure your basketball hoop and keeping it from falling over. You can implement multiple methods at a time or check what gives you more comfort in terms of manageability one by one.

Either way, it will mostly depend on the area you live and the current season you are passing through. Particularly depending on the amount of wind and force of the wind you should implement any of the above methods or implement multiple methods at a time to keep your portable basketball system falling over.

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