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5 Ways to Keep Your Feet Dry Inside Rubber Boots

5 Ways to Keep Your Feet Dry Inside Rubber Boots

Last Updated April 07, 2018

Have you ever come back home from a hard day’s work and your feet are soaking wet? And it hasn’t even rained.

Even if it did that would make no difference, the problem is you have sweaty feet.

But For every poison there is a remedy and here are a few tips on how to keep from sweating in work boots.

#1. Spend more on your rubber boots.

Buy better, more expensive boots. Gore-Tex is the best possible material for this kind of a problem. It keeps water outside of your boots while letting your feet breathe.

Muck’s, for example, offers a large variety of working boots, casual and gardening boots, but even though they are waterproof, they are not made out of Gore-Tex.

It isn’t hard to find the boots made of that material; even Adidas offers some running shoes made from it.

Spending a bit more on high-quality boots that will keep your feet warm and sweating-free is not only the best possible solution but also the easiest one.

#2. Use Bama socks.

In case you do not have that kind of money or you don’t want to spend it on something like that, you could always buy a particular type of socks. 

Bama socks to be exact, these socks are a blend of acrylic fiber and cotton tricot. Wear them during cold weather for a warm and perspiration-free feeling.

#3. Get some knitted wool socks.

What if you want a free solution or an almost free solution?

Well, in that case, you will need a knitting grandma.

Knitted wool socks are one of the best solutions to cold and sweaty feet, but you need someone to make them.

You could also try that yourself, but make sure you do not have a cat because knitting with one might prove a bit difficult.

#4. Antiperspirant spray.

First of all, don’t confuse deodorant with antiperspirant, while a deodorant will help you hide the smell it will do absolutely nothing to help you prevent the sweating.

Antiperspirant, on the other hand, contains aluminum chloride hexahydrate that has all the properties you need.

You can buy one at the pharmacy without a prescription, and your feet should be completely dry before you spray them.

In some extreme cases you might need a stronger type of antiperspirant spray, and to get it you will need a prescription.

You should be a bit careful with the stronger ones as they can stain your socks or even shoes.

#5. Act on your problems on a daily basis.

Even if you use all of the provided steps, there are some things you are supposed to do on a day to day basis.

Changing your socks regularly is an excellent place to start, don’t just wait for the first ones to be completely soaked until you turn them, do this automatically.

Change the shoes as well, not few times a day, but don wears the
same ones two days in a row.

Lastly, you could wash your feet with special bacteria-killing soap to get rid of the smell.

In the case of extreme sweating, where you have tried every possible solution you could find and none of them work, you should consider consulting a medical professional for advice or even medication.

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