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How To Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller

How To Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller

How can you make shoes smaller? - Follow The Instructions!

The shoe is one of the main accessories that help to give you a smart look. There are many kinds and size of shoes. But sometimes you may accidentally get a big size shoe or you may get a gift from your friend who doesn't know your size. It is very common that you will not wear them. But here in this article, you will learn about this interesting thing that how to make big shoes fit smaller. Let’s know the information together.

Methods to wear big shoes:

Methods To Wear Big Shoes

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  • Get two or three socks. Wear them and make your feet thick. It is the easiest one. The more you can use padding, the shoe will get fit on your small feet. You can wear sports shoe and boots in this method. But it is not good for hot weather. Your feet will sweat badly.
  • Take some tissue papers, rags or toilet papers. Stuff them in your toe part. It will help your small feet to fit in the shoe. Heels, flats, and boots can be wear in this method. But not good for a long walk as they give you an uncomfortable feeling.
  • There is an insole in every shoe. This insole works as support and cushioning under your feet. Some faces discomfort with the insole but they work better in taking the spaces to fit the shoe well. You can get insoles at the cheap price. All the shoes can get an insole. It is better to try insoles before purchasing.
  • If possible take ball foot pads. Insoles make feet uncomfortable. These pads will keep your feet comfortable and fit the big size. Works better with flats and heels.
  • Go for heel strips. This strips may cause discomfort but can take extra space to fit your feet size. Heel strips may cause pain or bristles in your feet. When you have face the problem avoid it.
  • Use water to shrink the shoe. Some shoes really get smaller when you wet them. When you use water then dry it well in the air. But make sure your shoe is not allergic to water or else it will get damaged. If your shoe is leather made than use spray method to wet it. Soak sports shoes. After wetting the shoe, dry it under the sun. You can also use a hairdryer. But some quality like polyester doesn't like dryer as it gets burned. Try the shoe after it is dry. If the size is not proper, do the process more. It will work.
  • Take an elastic band to tighten the shoe. If you can sew the band in the shoe, it will give a good result. It will make the shoe tight in size. Just place the band inside the shoe back, sew it and make it tight. You can also fit it on a safety pin. Check the band is properly fit or not.
  • Go to a cobbler for a better result. If you get a branded shoe or a high-quality one then go to a professional one to make the shoe perfect fit.
  • Use shoe fillers to make the shoe perfect fit for your feet size. There are many kinds of fillers on the market. You have to pick one that is comfortable.

Things to remember when you have a big size shoe

Things to remember when you have a big size shoe

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  • When you are wearing a big shoe, maintain your posture. You may have done your work inside but the outside shape will be same as before. Your feet may face problem for that. It is important to maintain posture when you are wearing a big size shoe.

The perfect posture is: 

The perfect posture is

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Stand straight. Your head, chest are sharp forward. Your arm and shoulder will be in the same alignment.

Try the heel-toe walking motion. Place each step in front of you putting heel. Then roll your toe, ball, and arch.​

Squeeze glutes and abs when you are walking. This will help your muscle to be supportive and keep your spine straight. If you don’t try to walk with perfect posture than your body especially your leg will face different kinds of pain and problem. So learn to balance with a big shoe if it is important to wear.

  • When you are tripping your toe, stay careful. Big size shoe is long. You have to maintain the balance. You may lose your balance while walking.
  • Don’t go for a long walk with an oversized shoe. Because for a long walk your feet need a proper fit shoe. In hikes or trip, a big no for using an oversized shoe. Your feet will face many cuts and blisters and muscle pain. An ankle injury will cause a lot of trouble.

Men and women have a great fantasy about shoes. It is a hobby to collect shoes for some. There will be some time that you have to own the shoe but the size is bigger than your feet size. If you know how to make big shoes fit smaller than you can consider that big shoe.

You have to follow some tricks to make the fit comfortable and perfect for your feet. So try to follow all the tips mentioned above, your feet will be happy with the big shoe. The best option is to replace the big shoe with the perfect one. Because it is really hard to cope up with a big size shoe when you are outside. If you are new to it then you may face a fall over and face embarrassment. So to avoid all this unwanted incident it is better to go for a perfect size shoe or boot.

To enjoy a walk in your shoe is really required. A shoe will reflect your personality. If you go for a date with a work shoe or boot then it will be a disaster. Go for the perfect size shoe that will compliment your look and tell your personality with grace. So get a perfect fit shoe and keep your feet happy.

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