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How To Make Perfect Rice- Cook Tasty Rice Easily

How To Make Perfect Rice- Cook Tasty Rice Easily

Many of us are concerned in thinking about how to make perfect rice. Who doesn’t want newly textured and fluffy rice? It should not be sticky of course.

Sometimes, cookers are struggling to fulfill their expectation. How do you feel when your family members get irritated with you constantly over this issue? “It’s not your expectation, right?”
This is not always necessary to own any special equipment to accomplish this task smoothly. Some useful and advanced tips will take the lead to do so. Here I will share some tips and flawless ideas to follow.

Step by step instructions gets perfect rice-

No matter how much you try for having it. If you don’t maintain some rules, you will fail to have good textured rice even you have the
best cooking machine. Below I am going to instruct you some strategic ideas to follow that will direct you on the right way.

1. Read the instruction properly:

No matter what kitchen gadget you want to use for cooking rice, it’s important to read the manual. In each appliance, you will find particular instruction for proper usage.

There you will find the correct measurement of water and rice. Again, what steps you need to care for are strictly provided in that.

2. Rinsing the rice:

This is a much important way to show how to make perfect rice. To do so, you must use a mesh strainer. This will enable to reduce starchiness. It often leads it to become sticky.
Again, you should continue rinsing till you don’t get clear water. On average, you can do it six times. Mostly, it depends on the type of rice you want to cook.

3. Boiling water properly along with adding salt:

Next, you must boil water if you want to get it as fresh and fluffy. The amount of water should be doubled compared to the cup of rice. For example, if you want to cook 1 cup of rice, you must take 2 cups of water to boil.
Use a large saucepan to hold both water and rice. Another tricky idea I want to share with you is to mix 1 teaspoon of salt in the boiled water. This will help you to cook it in a short time possible.

4. Never stir rice frequently:

Stirring for too many times lead the rice in stickier position. This will upset you and your family members. That’s why if needed, do it for once.

5. Cover the cooking container with a tight lid:

While cooking, you should allow the lid is covering the pot until the cooking is finished. Never try to open the lid. Are you wondering why? This is very simple. This excellent strategy will prevent any nutrient loss. If you let it open in the middle of preparing food, the water will go away by interrupting the vaporization process drastically.
Moreover, this will grow steam inside the pot. Eventually, it makes the rice quickly prepared.

6. Classification:

There are so many different types of rice. Each is different than others. For example, brown rice takes a bit of time longer than others. Long grain contains less starch compared to short-grain rice.
To know more, you should go through an experiment by cooking different rice. Again, you must be careful about the water and rice ratio. I emphasize it again that you must use the right ratio.

7. Rice cooking temperature:

This is another crucial fact that you should not overlook. Cooking rice in the hottest temperature will not work great for having perfect rice.
This will only make the water evaporate without leading the process unfinished. If you lower down the flame, it will minimize the vaporization procedure and keeps the right texture of it.

8. Let it rest for some time:

When cooking is finished, you can let the rice sit for about 10 minutes. By this time, you should not open the lid. This will be effective in distributing the moisture throughout the whole part of the rice equally.

9. Adding some flavoring agent:

Do you want to turn the ordinary rice to an excellent one? “Okay, then you can use a bay leaf for adding some flavor to it.

Tips and tricks for cooking perfect rice

Some strategy you need to follow while cooking it. These are proven strategy that enhances windows of opportunities in making perfect rice.

  • Getting heat, rice becomes simmering in the container. That time, grains start making collision with each other. This enlarges the possibilities of making rice sticky. If it is warm water, then it literately treats the starch.
  • Use water: Rrice ratio correctly. And you can surely try for 2:1 to have the perfect recipe. Less liquid compared to rice will permanently stick into the pan. Yet, too much water may provide gloppy food.
  • While you are cooking, be careful from excessive heat. A bit of callous attitude may burn your hand?
  • Never tempt for stirring the pot while cooking. You must lower the heat at that time to have perfectly cooked rice.
  • You must rinse the grains properly. Use cold water in doing so. This helps in loosening the starch effectively.
  • Never allow the cooker is escaping the steam in any way. That’s why try not to lift the lid.

Last Words 

Who doesn’t want to ​fluffy rice? That’s why you need to know how to make perfect rice recipe. The whole procedure I mentioned here is must to have followed.
In this article, I have elaborately described the steps you need to apply in cooking. Of course, these are the full proof ways for using the right strategy at the right time.
I sincerely hope you won’t have to bother more about this matter anymore after reading this article.

Happy cooking.

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