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It's Spring! The time for fun and frolic, but it’s also time to be a responsible adult. There are chores to be done and your home to be maintained after braving the winter. A stitch in time saves nine. A couple of hours on the weekend could save you weeks of repair work, loads of money, and scores of inconvenience. So let’s get to it.

Where should you start?

The Garden

If you have a garden, clean up any leaves and law down mulch in your flower beds and hedges. This protects you from weeds. Those are a pain to get rid of. Turn on all your faucets to see if they are working. Do you plan to hire a maintenance service? Schedule them at the earliest. 

Check for overgrown and diseased trees. If you have trees in your garden, consult an arborist to come look at them. The untrained eye can miss some signs of disease. Trim the trees if the branches are too splayed. Timely trimming can save you broken roofs and changing electricity wires. 

Seed your lawn for new plants to mature in the summer. 

House Exterior

Next comes the exterior of the house. When you check after winter, you'll find many repairs to be done, do them at the earliest. Look out for any cracks in the concrete, walls, foundation and the facade. Does your roof need to be repaired? Climb up to look for broken or loose shingles. Repairing roofs takes experts to do it. Check out roofing companies like Lifetime Roofing and Renovation on for professional roofing services. 

Does your house need a coat of paint? Is it peeling? Painting your house saves it from water damage. It’ll typically take a few months to complete the painting. Schedule it in the beginning of spring if you’re hiring professionals. 

Take out out the storm windows and clean the glass windows thoroughly. If you feel the need, wash your house. Cover the plants with plastic sheeting and hose down your house. Scrub the parts that look really dirty with detergent. However use it sparingly as it could damage your plants. 

The Inside

Check the HVAC systems first. Call a technician to check any signs of damage and clean the furnace and A/C compressor. For the inside call a Home Inspector to inspect any signs of damage that need immediate attention. Check for cracks and leakage on the walls. Especially check the faucets for any leakage. You can take care of the minor repair work yourself but if you can’t then call a professional. This is the time when you can maintain your bathrooms too. Check if everything is working properly and scrub your bathroom in the warm months. 

Clean out your chimney and seal it for the warm months.

Maintaining a house is a costly affair but well worth it. If you take care of it and schedule seasonal repairs regularly, you could actually save more than you’d think. 

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