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How to puppy proof your home (3Easy Ways)

How to puppy proof your home (3Easy Ways)

Puppy-proof decoration: having a pet and a beautiful house is compatible

Are you finding to create a puppy proof home for you? You’re merely making sure that puppy is a part of our family, so this guide will help you to build a puppy proofing home, from where you will learn how to puppy proof your home quickly with some necessary steps.

Today we have to combine work and routine life with our personal lives, even many of us work at home surrounded by children and also ... PETS.

Not all of them mess up in the same way, and not all houses are equally adapted for them. It is not the same to have a rabbit as a Great Dane, but you can still have the beautiful home too. If you can make your living room like a dog. With the environment in your house, the beauty of the house will be increased much than before.

Puppy-proof decoration: having a pet and a beautiful house is compatible

The first, although it sounds like extreme dirt, is to paint white. Yes, that color in which they will mark their paws for centuries of the centuries, but also in vanilla, yellow, blue colors ... However, white is easy to find and is the most economical paint. Besides, you can always give it with a damp cloth or repaint the area that is dirty because it will not be noticed.

What do we do with the hairs?

They are our new friends, and you have to get used to them, yes or yes. If you are going to obsess with them, you are lost because they will always appear even if you have the best protection kit. A good vacuum cleaner will be your great ally to fight against them.

On the other hand, the clear furniture is much better than the dark, although these are very nice, in them, dirt is noticeable right away. Therefore nothing better than having hair-less furniture. However, for bedding, sofas or textiles it is always better to choose neutral colors, sand, earth or gray mediums since these tones stick with everything and will disguise any unforeseen event very much.
One way to integrate your pet with home decoration is by photographs, either on canvas or with photo compositions. Our pets are one of the family, so it is not unusual for them to appear in any corner of the house.

If you have a puppy, forget about having rugs because they will tear them apart. One option is to put them outside that are like plastic or bamboo, both options you can wash and scrub without problems, they are also economical, and the effect is the same.

Other things to consider are furniture, cables, etc. Many animals are biting, so it is best to control them when we are at home. If you are not, you can leave them toys for your entertainment in the kitchen or the hall, always with all your things. To make sure your living room look safe, it’s all about up to you whether your pets spend his afternoon on the snacks.

Outside natural plants. We do not know the reason, but many animals give them to eat, and that is not only an aesthetic problem but also can cause health problems, the solution?

Put them on high, out of reach: hanging, in tall pots, shelves, on top of a piece of furniture ... We do not have to do without them, place them in strategic places.

Apart from this, I am sure that every house is a world and a thousand anecdotes occur to you with your little furry ones. The best thing is to keep a check and know all their occurrences thoroughly and try as far as possible to have the house at bay without being overwhelmed. Enjoy them and the life they offer us the first year is more difficult but then you will see that it is a piece of cake and in some cases, you do not even know they are there.

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