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11 Proven Ways of How to Start a Fashion Blog

11 Proven Ways of How to Start a Fashion Blog

Last Updated May 01, 2018

For the next couple of minutes, we are going to ask you few questions regarding "how to start a fashion blog." Everyone wants to be a fashion blogger especially those who visit fashion sites on a regular basis. But a significant amount of peoples tremendously failed to acquire being fashion blogger's dream.

We the bunch of fashion bloggers — made a quick list of how to start a fashion blog and get paid anywhere in the world even in the middle of the Atlantic ocean 😉

Sounds creepy huh? —

Wait until we finished all our magical words.

#1. Fashion Blogging Ideas.

Ideas are the mother of success. Fashion blogging ideas will help you to determine your real personality testing types, e.g.,

  • Personal Bloggers ;
  • Stree fashion bloggers &
  • Lifestyle bloggers . .. even a lot more; 

All of these bloggers will help you to grow your ideas rapidly. Our first suggestion decide which types suit best with your personality. We would recommend you spending the highest amount of time researching about ideas.

#2. Fashion Blogging Sites.

Without having the right fashion blogging sites, none of us get the proper information about fashion industry right at the moments? 

Or what new clothes or styles are being a trend to make the perfect match for your daily life. If you have less interest knowing all the latest news regarding your niche "Fashion," then you would lose the race eventually.

The more informations you have, the better you become- no matter you are in this industry or anywhere else in the universe.

#3. Fashion Blogging Jobs.

Who doesn't aspiring secure jobs to spend time with your family & beloved ones! Fashion blogging can be a big part of your earnings, which is not a small amount for sure. 

Many successful(not by earnings but with respect) fashions bloggers are spending a luxurious lifestyle sometimes in the USA or occasionally to the whole Europe.

Similarly, a good number of them have been settled to other business and sectors right after blogging.

#4. Fashion Bloggers on Instagram.

Don't get amazed to think about it's not possible to start a fashion blog on Instagram.

You might already hear how to make it the right way with proper Instagram blogging tips from real persons, or you see some youtube stars to understand the science becoming a mindblowing blogger;

Nowadays a large number of peoples finds Instagram to get entertainment. The numbers are increasing day by day.

#5. Becoming a fashion model by blogging.

I want to be a model where do I start or tell me how to become a fashion model or what the requirements for becoming a model? Do I want to go to fashion model agency for getting a job?


We know you're trying hard to be a well-known person in the fashion industry. You might even haven't got any salaries yet after capturing a lot of photos right?

But you can simplify your fashion passion by blogging. Who knows you would get listed on our next successful blogger's stories cover!

#6. Networking with other BLOGGERS.

Don't get wonder to see the word "Networking." The only proven way to get the limelight within your desired time is by networking . ..

We had surveyed a lot of bloggers who are having the poor performance of this outstanding quality.

#7. Use Social Media Platforms WISELY.

Who doesn't have a fancy social media profile nowadays? We believe we all have the presence all of the media platforms.

According to a recent survey USA peoples spending more times on social media platforms rather than watching TV(which was the highest before).

You can grab your desired audience direct from social media, so why are you sitting tight and wasting your time to show your blogging presence?

A few weeks back we have seen the stock loses of snapchat had been $800 million just of one post of Rihana.

Source: CNN

SEE how powerful social media is!

How a celebrity singer's story relevant here? Because according to us fashion bloggers can build the same influential to the social media platform.

#8. Be a storyteller.

We all love stories? So why are you waiting without sharing your story? Try to describe the real YOU. Don't fake it by mixing lies. You never regain your readers trust if you do so.

#9. Be Humble.

Want to see examples of being humble? Let us tell you how to become humble while no matter how famous you are or how many billions you earn!

End of the day everyone will remember your behavior like how you even make a simple online comment after their replies.

Truly it effects you in the long RUN.

#10. Be Unique.

We all are copying our role bloggers every time. Being unique doesn't mean you will do something that has never existed on the earth before!

Doing something different always make you look more familiar than anyone else.

People love unique thing.

Every time.

#11. BE Yourself.

Most of the time we follow someone even copying them at every point which doesn't make any sense for being the inner YOU. Don't overdo it. Noone is going to like a copycat.

Being a fashion blogger is not the most terrible job in the world. Take a deep breath and think you can make it happen. If you genuinely believe you can become a fashion blogger one day, then I can assure your dream can be achieved within time.

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