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How to Start Bow Hunting (13 Pro Tips)

How to Start Bow Hunting (13 Pro Tips)

If you haven't experienced the most exclusive and traditional game of hunting like bow hunting, you must read this article. I have explained the very core knowledge of bow hunting. So, to know the language of bow hunting, have a look.

What will you need?

First of all, have the things that you will need for bow hunting. The items have been listed below:

  • Bow
  • Arrows
  • Broadheads
  • Accessories for the bow
  • Clothing
  • Backpack
  • Boots
  • Sports camera 
  • And many other things that vary from man to man.

Different types of bows

There are different types of bows around the world. In one particular area, one type of bow is favorite. But the modern era has also developed the bows.

Let’s have a look at them that what kinds of bows are available now:

Compound bow

One of the most modern bows is the compound bow. It is easy to shoot and to handle, such efficient and perfect for the newbies. The limbs on the bow are very stiffy which increases its efficiency. Its weight is very low, but the speed that is acquired is perfect and also prominent.Newbies can easily use them but remember the single cam is for the pro.


It is prominent for many years for the military people. This type also is reserved for the senior citizen or the disabled people. Somehow it indicates that it is so easy to handle. It is so easy to use.
The strings are powerful. It seems unbelievable, but it is true that crossbow is made for shooting rocks.

Traditional Bow

The most straightforward bow that people are using from very long years. The uses of this bow will enhance your knowledge of the basic of the bow. Two types of the traditional bow are popular.

Recurve bow

Ancient piece but the design is modern. The curvy design increases the effectiveness and less the strength requirement from the shooter.


A simple piece of design that is being used for thousand years. Everything is manual here. And you can do a lot by using this, but you have to be master on this first.

Takedown Bow

The bow which is easy to transport as the parts can be separated and again can be reassembled. The limbs can be severed easily from the riser, and that will make the transportation ease. The riser is made of wood, aluminum or alloy.

You can change the broken part with meager price and overall the bow is not so pricey than others.

Follow the steps: According to the pro!

I have adequately explained how pro-ready themselves for bow hunting. After choosing the bow for yourself let's take a look afterward and follow the steps correctly.

Make your gesture perfect

You have to make the orientation of your body according to your eyesight. Your dominant eye should be used for proper adjustment. If you have the best eyesight on your right, choose the position on the right. Don't make orientation by your dominant hand.

Draw weight and length

Draw length that how much you have to draw the string. Perfect drawn should be up to your mouth. That's perfect. And draw weight that how much resistance you are creating by pulling the string.

The more you will pull the more resistance will arise. It is recommended that if you are going to hunt a deer, you must create 50-70 pounds weight in the string. Whatever it means that to understand the draw weight, you need more and more practice.


There are different types of arrows, but you have to pick the best one. Let me help you.

At first, comes the arrow spine which means the stiffness of the arrow. After the shoot, the arrow will be compressed or bent. It is recommended that you should use the stiffy arrow for the compound bow and flexible for the traditional bow.

Then fletching comes which is made usually form the feathers. It let the arrow fly in the sky straight. It ensures the stability of the arrow. Solid ones for the compounds.

The weight of the arrow makes the difference in flying time and stability. You can add weight.

Locate the animal and ambush

At first, locate the place of the animal where they roam around for food. Then choose your target. Then found the range where your bow will work best.

After the shoot, you have to follow the bloodline on the spot to find your target body. Don't run with the animal. It will waste your time.

Last Words 

Therefore, you know now how to start bow hunting. Don’t give up your practice. Do practice more and more with the traditional one and become the pro.

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