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7 Best ways to STRETCH Leather Boots

7 Best ways to STRETCH Leather Boots

Last Updated April 15, 2018

To begin with, we have all at one point in time come across a leather shoe and also possibly a leather boot

It usually is a typical situation where you get to buy a leather shoe particularly in the so-called modern eCommerce where you get the possibility to conduct your shopping online via sites such as Amazon.

However, after the boot is delivered at your doorstep, you are hit by the quagmire of it not fitting you amply.

Hence comes the necessity to stretch it to stretch it at the place of discomfort. However, there are some provided means with which you can get to stretch it to get it to fit you perfectly.

Below are some of the procedures on how to stretch leather boots.


First and foremost the most common way to stretch is by freezing.

First of all, you are required to fill a plastic bag with water. After which you are supposed to place it on the shoe particularly the sensitive parts which need to be stretched.

The boot should remain in the freezer for about 8 hours before proceeding to the next step. After that you are required to place the shoe in a freezer and since we all know that with freezing, particles do expand it will hence be accountable for the supposed stretching.

With all that said and done you can remove the shoe from the freezer and don it. If at all the shoe still does feel quite uncomfortable you should go about the procedure all over again until you obtain satisfaction.


Another beneficial and commonly used technique and which has desirable results is heating. In this procedure, a person is supposed to wear a thick sock and wear the boot which he or she intends to stretch.

After that, you need to use a hairdryer and heat the area which you directly need to extend. You are then supposed to flex your legs most notably on the areas that need to be stretched.

Continue flexing your feet until you feel comfortable at the points which are contentious. Then you are required to don the shoe until the areas completely cool.


In this procedure, the first thing to do is to get a spraying gun followed by pouring the alcohol into it.

After doing that you are expected to embark on spraying the leather on the areas that do need to be stretched, so you don't spray the entire shoe.

Then wear the boots for quite a while up until the moment it will feel that it has dried up thoroughly.

It is also advisable to apply a boot conditioner to avoid the cracking of the boot as a result of stretching.

After all that process you are required to confirm whether the change has been affected.


An obvious method used to stretch shoes is by use of a chemical compound provided mainly for that purpose.

To begin with, you need to purchase a container of this particular compound from the nearest store. You then are required to spray the shoe amply after getting to read over the instructions given.

Mainly concentrate on the critical sections of the boot.

After spraying, you should wear the boot to stretch it appropriately and don them for quite some time. After that, it will be necessary to make findings whether the boot has extended adequately.


Stretching by the use of a boot stretcher is one of the oldest and also very effective way of stretching boots and shoes.

To conduct this method, you need to purchase a well-customized shoe tree.

A shoe tree is a well-crafted device which resembles a foot. This device is then placed on the inside of the boot for a period to effect the change on the shoe.


By now everyone must be aware that a professional who deals with shoes is regarded to as a cobbler.

If a problem persists, we are always advised to seek help from a professional.

If the stretching has become a real hustle, it will be advisable to see a cobbler who will be able to come to your service and stretch it by his or her means.

A cobbler will always be at your service whenever it comes to matters dealing with shoes. Hence If the other modes are challenging, you should resort to this one, and I can assure you the boot will be stretched according to your specifications.


Whenever a person gets to buy a new shoe, it's almost a sure thing that he or she might have difficulties in wearing it.

However, once you wear it, it is prone to stretching due to the supposed differences between the shoe size and the size of the foot.

Here now comes the importance of a conditioner as it can maintain the size of the shoe after it has stretched.

In conclusion, it is evident that it is entirely rational to be hit by a problem that requires stretching when it comes to leather boots

All the therapeutic methods stated above are proven ways of stretching boots, and they have very substantial results.

Nevertheless, this methods of stretching boots tend to be quite comfortable and economical, and thus they benefit the user.

Also even i,f some of the techniques might tend to be tedious to a user, they can always opt to try out another friendlier way to curb your problem. In simpler terms we got all of you covered.

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