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7 Common Misconceptions About How To Wash Socks

7 Common Misconceptions About How To Wash Socks

How To Wash Socks? - Follow The Instructions And Make Your Life Easier!

Socks are mainly used for covering legs before using shoes or boots. It is better to use with shoes because without socks you may get bristles. In cold weather, socks work well. But as it covers your feet, it also gets dirty fast. Yes, today I will talk about the simple but important topic how to wash socks. There are many ways to wash the socks. You can wash them with hands or washing machine. Both have the different method to wash. Come, let’s explore the washing method of the socks.

Washing method:

Generally, we wash socks in two ways, one is with hand and the other one is with washing machine. Here I will talk about both methods.
So let’s get started:​

#1 Washing machine

How to Wash socks with washing machine

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  • Take the socks and separate them by color. It is important to do it as it the color may spread. So separate white sock and color sock and put it in different loads. There are many kinds of socks like sports sock, dress sock etc. Wash them separately if they need.
  • To remove stain you have to use the stain remover. There are many kinds of stain removers on the market. Pick one and follow the instruction. Some may need to soak the socks before washing and some may need to apply stains directly. To remove the strong stain, you have to use warm water and stain remover and soak the sock overnight. The stain will be easy to wash.
  • You can also try home remedies to remove the stains. If your sock has wine stain than use salt on it, the stain will go away. To remove ink stain apply your hairspray on it. See the magic. You can also make a remover stain with dishwasher liquid and hydrogen peroxide in 1:2 ratio.
  • Now turn the sock inside and make the inner part out. Because all the stink making bacteria stays inside the sock. Lint buildup also gets less of this step.
  • Take a cloth pin and pin each pair of sock with it. It helps to keep the socks together in a washing machine.
  • Use cold water and mild soap to wash the sock gently. Put dirty socks in the machine then put cold water and mix detergent. Now start the machine gently. Use mild detergent to wash the socks.
  • After taking out the sock from the machine, make the sock back to the proper side. Make the sock straight gently to avoid stretching the fabric.

#2 Hand-Washing method

Washing method for your Socks using Hand Method

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  • Make a pile of socks and sort them. Divide the pile in two – one is white and the other one is colorful. Wash the white socks separately. Because the colorful socks tend to spread colors. Also wash the dress and athlete socks separately. This will prevent any damage.
  • Try stain remover or homemade stain remover to remove the stains. When you’re using a stain remover, you have to follow the direction of the use. You can use them directly or in the water. You can use vinegar as a stain remover.
  • If you are washing sock in the sink then fill it with cold water. Use soap in the water. Don’t use warm water to wash socks. It will shrink the sock.
  • Take out the inside of the sock outside. Because the inside one needs to be washed. The bacteria and other stink maker stays inside the sock.
  • Swirl and swish the sock in the water. It will help to loosen the dirt. Don’t scrub or twist the fabric. It may get damaged.
  • Let the sock soak for 5 minutes. If the sock is dirty then let it soak for more time. If it requires more soap water than add more.
  • Rinse the sock. Let the dirty water go then fill the faucet with cold water and wash the sock more.
  • Put the sock on the right side. Don’t stretch it or else it will get damaged.

#3 Drying Socks

Tips For Drying Socks

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After washing it is important to dry the socks. You have to do it properly. The proper method is:

  • Take a towel and roll the socks in it. Press the water out.
  • Now take out the sock from the towel and hang the socks to get dry fast.
  • Don’t squeeze the sock, it may cause damage.
  • Use a cloth line or rack to hang and dry the socks properly.
  • If you dry them with dryer, the fabric will get weaken and the elasticity will get ruined.
  • If you want to dry the socks fast than do it gently. Put them in the dryer and start it gently. There is an option for drying delicate fabrics. Use that option to dry the socks. It will cause less damage.
  • After drying the sock, fold the socks together and put it in a place. Don’t keep them separately. Make a separate place to keep socks only.

#4 Some special tips for your Socks

special tips for your socks

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  • A great heat dryer shortens the lifetime of the bounciness of the socks.
  • Before drying the socks, lightly turn socks on the right side. It will prevent stretching.
  • Do not use iron.
  • Do not use dry clean.
  • Avoid fabric softener.
  • Bleach is not perfect for socks.
  • Use gentle cycle in the washing machine with cool or warm water.
  • A mild detergent is perfect for washing socks.
  • To avoid holes in the sock keep your toenail trimmed.
  • If you need to keep the sock perfect for a long time then keep the sock flat to keep in shape.
  • Keep color sock and white sock separately.
  • If possible, use garment bags to keep the socks intact.

Socks are really an important clothing. Some use this to keep their feet protected from the environment that may cause irritation in the skin. Some wear it for keeping the skin smooth. So you may say it really works as protector of your feet.

So keep this protector safe and sound, you have to know how to wash socks properly. Because for washing methods you may face damaged or stretched socks. Follow this article about washing the socks and keep them perfect in shape and performance.

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