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Important Questions to Ask Your Realtor before Buying a House

Important Questions to Ask Your Realtor before Buying a House

A perfect house is a dream which rarely comes true. Most of the people have to compromise on one or the other thing while choosing their house. Buying a house is a much more complicated process than it actually appears to be. But with a right and a genuine real estate agent, the process can simplify itself and helps in lowering your burden. There are many real estate agents who would show you multiple houses; all in your budget and of great quality; but we can never be sure of their honesty and morality.

So it is important to spend some amount of time in finding a real estate agent who is patient enough to answer all your questions, patiently and honestly. You need to trust your gut about the sincerity of the agent. And if you are successful in finding a good agent, consider yourself lucky as the agent will ease your mind and find you a perfect house, without getting irritated by your demands and tantrums.

Following are some of the questions which you can ask from your real estate agent in order to judge his character and to be sure of the morals and ethics:

01. His Experience:

Although we should not judge anyone by the years of experience they have, it still adds up a point in his favor. For example, if you are looking for homes on Lake Keowee, hiring an experienced real estate agent who knows well about the properties there and has many contacts will help you in many ways. He will understand your requirements quite easily and will help to find a suitable house for you. An agent who is new in the business will have passion and eagerness, but you should take time and get to know him better before fixing the deal with him.

02. His Communication:

There is nothing worse than a real estate agent who does not communicate with you enough. When you ask the realtor these questions, you can make a judgment about his communication level according to the types of answers he gives. Also, ask him about how often and how accessible he will be when you’ll need him.

03. His References:

Nobody can give reviews as honest as his previous clients can. You can openly ask him about his previous work, clients and their contact information. You can contact the references and ask them about their experience with the agent. 

04. His Type of Work:

There is a huge difference in the process of buying the house and selling the house. If you want to buy a house, you should hire an agent who deals in more of that particular department. Either you go with the specialization, or you hire an agent who is experienced enough to do both kinds of dealings effectively.

05. His Dealings:

Once you are sure about his work and sincerity, it is important to ask him the kind of dealing he does in his business. The number of fees or commission he charges and what does the fee include exactly. Do not feel shy talking about finances as it is your money which you are going to spend, so you have every right to ask him questions about the money. 


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