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8 Factors That Can Determine The Pace Of Weight Loss For You

8 Factors That Can Determine The Pace Of Weight Loss For You

When you invest your efforts for losing the extra pounds, the pace at which you achieve results matters as much as the result itself. However, you cannot expect overnight impact, no matter how stringently you adhere to the diet and exercise program. Experts say that there are no one-size-fit-all rules for optimal weight loss over a period of time and it may vary from person to person. While some people tend to shed pounds within a matter of days, others may have to struggle for months. The pace of weight loss depends on a number of factors. Let us list these factors for you.

Weight loss history

If you have already tried to lose weight earlier and have done it successfully, it can be a disadvantage during your subsequent efforts. Research studies indicate that people having a history of losing weight earlier tend to have lower metabolic rate. This means that their capacity to burn calories is affected and results come slower for them as compared to people who have not done it before.


The further you are into your weight loss journey, the slower are the results that you can get. It is easier to shed pounds when you start and you tend to lose with lesser effort. Gradually, as your body becomes used to the diet and workout plan, results start getting slower. This is because your metabolic rate tends to slow down with the passage of time. 


The lifestyle that you follow currently affects your ability to shed the undesired flab to a considerable extent. The impact is contradictory because a healthy lifestyle gives you lesser scope than an unhealthy one. For example, if you are eating high fat diet and have a sedentary lifestyle at present, you are more likely to experience major differences by changing your habits. Conversely, results may come slower and you may require making more effort if you already have healthy habits.  

Diet Protocol

The choice of the diet protocol also decides how quickly you can lose weight and sustain the results as well. The best approach would be to see an expert nutritionist who can recommend one that will work for you. HCG diet is a popular protocol for people who want to a safe and easy diet plan that brings rapid results. The protocol combines very low-calorie diet with HCG drops or injections and can help you lose up to 1-2 pounds a day if you follow it properly. 


Just like the diet protocol determines the results, your workout choice also has a far reaching impact on them. Aerobic exercise, for example, is great at burning calories but you cannot expect optimal benefits with it alone. You will need to couple it with strength training because building muscle is important to achieve weight loss. The best approach is to have a tailored workout plan that is devised according to your needs and goals.


Another factor that has a key influence on the speed at which you shed weight is your hormone health. Abnormal levels of hormones such as thyroid and cortisol can cause unexplained weight gain and impede its loss as well. This is a major concern for females in particular and needs to be evaluated if they fail to achieve desired results with optimal efforts. It is advisable to get a hormonal check up if your diet plan is not yielding results. 


Weight loss becomes slower in older people and even great efforts may not cause the scales to budge. This is primarily attributed to the age-related hormonal imbalances. Another possible reason is that older people have lower muscle mass, which translates into slower metabolism and consequently, slower weight loss for them.


If you are unable to get fast and effective weight loss benefits despite the best efforts, you genes may be to blame. Medical research has identified a link between genetic makeup and fat storage. People who have specific genes are more likely to shed weight at a fast pace as compared to those without those genes. 

Considering the variety of factors that influence the speed at which you get rid of the stubborn pounds, weight loss appears to be more complex than you think. In fact, it depends greatly on a mix of these factors, which means that your journey could be completely different from that of anyone else. The best thing to do is not to follow what seems to work for others. Instead, look for a comprehensive plan that is devised according to your unique needs and objectives. 

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