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The Great Debate: Polyester vs. Cotton Socks

The Great Debate: Polyester vs. Cotton Socks

Last Updated April 09, 2018

Socks are sensitive creatures. They get lost, lose shape, shrink, or can surprise you by lasting for 30 years.

Do you have a sock thing?

Do you care about which material is best for socks? Polyester vs. cotton socks – that is the debate today, but only you can decide which is best.

Knowing the differences between these fabrics can help you to make a more informed choice the next time you go sock shopping.

Whether they are for fashion or home, socks do matter.

From Man, by Man.

Did you know that polyester is a humanmade fiber, not natural?

If you had owl eyes and could zoom in, you’d see soft plastic woven into fibers.

When you find yourself in a store holding two pairs of socks wondering which to choose, polyester vs. cotton, try to remember these facts:

Polyester Quick Facts

  • It retains color well;
  • It isn’t breathable;
  • It isn’t absorbent;

    Are you a fun sock kind of person? Statements, cute pictures, rainbow colors? Think Polyester.

Reasons to use Polyester Socks.

It is a synthetic fabric, but that should not make you hesitate.

Despite the fact that it was made in a laboratory in the 20th century, it is versatile, thus useful. Let these reasons feature in your decision-making process:

  1. Fun socks are usually made of polyester, because it is easy to print all sorts of images onto it, and the images stick.
  2. Your socks will dry quickly.
  3. Your feet will feel insulated from freezing temperatures.
  4. The best thing about having socks made from polyester is that being, plastic; they will last.
  5. Don’t be put off by the fact its plastic.

    There are many good uses to the stuff, so as long as you don’t throw your old ones in the sea, you should be fine.

    Recycle old socks by turning them into hand dusters, or why not turn them into puppets for some fun with little ones?

From Nature, by Man.

Cotton is natural fiber that comes from a plant.

There is no animal that we shave to make cotton yarn – it’s all plant. It is little bit more expensive than polyester, or lot more in some cases, but for that added price, you get softer socks.

Here are three more facts to tempt you into using cotton:

  • Cotton Quick Facts-
  • It is soft
  • It holds color well
  • It is breathable
  • Is being green important to you? If so, perhaps cotton is best.

Reasons to use Cotton Socks.

Cotton being natural makes it a winner to most people, especially if they want breathable socks.

One downside to cotton socks is that it is not as durable as polyester, but with proper care, they will last much longer.

Without further ado, here you have three more reasons to buy cotton socks:

  1.  People with sensitive feet should choose cotton over polyester, as their feet are better off being able to breathe.
  2. Choosing cotton socks because they are more natural is a common reason to buy them, and a cotton sock will biodegrade should you lose yours out on a hike.
  3. They are soft but also durable, depending on the type of weave.

Choosing between the two:

Now that we have the facts and the reasons, it is time to consider which of these is better. How should someone pick?

To avoid the agony of doing so alone in a store aisle, we have done it for you.

Choose both, for different occasions. You cannot argue that the materials are the same, thus why should they be used for similar purposes? 

In mid-winter, when your toes are at risk of frostbite, and your breath freezes as
you exhale, go for polyester socks. You’ll stay warmer. If it is a hot or humid day, but your outfit requires shoes and boots, choose cotton socks.

Mix it up

Fun fashion socks can be made from both materials, but blends are more common.

A cotton/polyester mix might be appropriate for in between seasons or outfits, or just because they are cute.

A fashionista, apparently, feels no pain when making him/herself fabulous in their choice of color, texture, and design.

Don’t let polyester be demonized just because it was lab-made in the 20th century. That said, cotton is the queen of socks, after the scratchy woolly king.

How so?

There is a phrase in British English, “bless your cotton socks,” which is a term of endearment. Thus they are a particular part of English culture.

Should that be a reason to buy cotton socks? If only to be wearing them when someones bless you. Otherwise, it is a personal choice best made according to seasons and feelings.

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