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10 Things to Consider When Buying a perfect Projector for you

10 Things to Consider When Buying a perfect Projector for you

Deciding to get a projector is one of the significant decisions that you have to plan before settling down for one. Therefore, it is very significant to know more about projectors. When you get a projector that you have just found at the shelf of the store, you may get significantly disappointed, but when you know what you want to experience and have, you will enjoy for a pretty long time.

It may seem easy to settle on something especially as crucial as a projector, but in the real sense, it entails more than one thing. Due to the importance of getting the best projector, let’s look at some of the essential factors to consider before buying a projector.

Your Needs Type

When you are planning to get a projector for your use at the office, classroom or home, it is good to know what you want to achieve by the end of the day with your projector. When getting a projector for home, you have to consider the size of the room and also the environment you will use it for whether dark or bright or even both.

Therefore, the need for a projector will determine the type of a projector and the features it comes with. 

Here are some of the important and common needs in a projector.


Portability is essential especially if you are planning to move from one area to another doing your business or having a vocation.

When you are thinking of installing your projector in a fixed location, you have no issues regarding portability as you are sure you will not be moving it each time. 

Portability is not only about business presentations but also whether you may want to use your projector at the back of your Yard, at the porch or in a different room.

Also, you need to th8ink of how easy is to install your projector at the wall or anywhere else. This may be difficult if your projector is heavy and you will have to spend more time doing it.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

When looking for a projector, you may have to consider if you are going to use outdoors or indoors. When looking for a projector to use outdoors, you have to get a projector with the highest brightness and with good quality all rounds from sound to display. With an outdoor projector, you have less control over the ambient light, therefore, get something good to handle the light.

Get a projector with high resolution and contrast ratio to boost the quality of display to give great pictures and also get a good screen. 

A projector that works well outside might as well work well indoors. Some projector s used indoors could have irritating noise if the room is small. Therefore look for a projector with the noise level that is not so irritating.

Entertainment or Business?

The main thing is, are you going to use the projector for business or entertainment? If for business you have to get a projector that will work well with all applications for presentations and also great test and video display.

Since most of the projectors for business use still images, you may not issue with getting a cheap and straightforward projector for this. Therefore go for projectors in the business category if you want to enjoy everything about the business. If you are getting a projector for watching movies, shows, video games, and other multimedia capabilities, get a projector that can handle all the activities you want to experience.

For home entertainment get a projector with excellent visuals and sound production and also to have less fan noise to enjoy your entertainment without distractions while watching.

Your Budget

There are many projectors in the market of good quality all round at an affordable process that you will not get disappointed while using. For as little as $300 you get a good projector that will give you the service you are looking primarily for the business environment.

When looking for a home entertainment projector, look for a projector that is $500 and above for great result and if you can afford much more, get one that can come with a decent range of features with a price range of between $800 and $3000 for great entertainment.

Still, after getting a projector, you have to set aside some money for other things that you may need like the screen and audio settings if applicable.

Technical Specification

The technicality of the projector is the main part of the decision to et a projector. At projector labs, you get a chance to understand the technical specification of the projectors before buying it. This is because Projector labs try to be more helpful to people getting the best reviews of the contents they are looking for easily with information that is worth your time.

The technical specification of the projector is the main features you should look at before buying your projector.

The Perfect Technology

Majority of projectors in the market are designed with Digital Light Processing technology or the Liquid Crystal Display. DLP projectors have more moving parts that they are more likely to have a rainbow effect as compared to other technologies. This is due to the spinning wheel color that the DLP use. Though they are prone to the rainbow effect, most people still love them because of their lightweight feature.

The LCD projector has, on the other hand, has been designed to offer the best as it does not have the rainbow effect and tend to be reliable to most people. Though the feature of LCD projector is unusual, they are a bit heavy and could not be perfect for some people who are looking for easy to carry projectors. This may be so, but too many more people, LCD quality delivery is what drives them to it. If you are willing to spend your money on something much better with impressive features and content, go for LCoS technology that delivers the best quality images.

The LCos projector provides the beat you could ever ask for, but still, they are heavy and at the same time expensive.


The projector comes with VGA ports for connecting to other devices and also other connection options. Connectivity of your projector will depend on what you intend to use it for in the period of occupation.

When looking for a projector for home entertainment, you have to make sure it has HDMI ports for a gaming console, media player, Blu-Ray and also for watching movies and shows. 

Also, consider it to have USB ports that will work well with flash disk when thinking of business presentations. Wi-Fi support is beneficial to the users since you do not have to have too many connections with cable at home or the offices.

In case your projector is fixed at one point you may decide to use Ethernet as it will allow you to operate the projector online making more reliable.


Resolution refers to the number of pixels that is used to display an image on the screen. For the image to be more crispy and sharp, more pixels have to be used. Therefore, resolution of a projector will determine the way content will appear on your screen whether excellent or dim images.

A projector with high resolution is very important when projecting contents that have detailed charts, graphs, texts and also a video with high definition.

When looking for a projector, check the resolution it has before deciding on it as this is one of the essential features you have to consider. If you are using your projector for a business presentation you may not have to overthink on it as a resolution of 800x 600 pixels is enough to give you a great experience but if you thinking of getting one for movies or all-around use, get a projector with much pixels of around 1920 x 1080 pixels. If you want to use for both home entertainment and office use, do not assume that they will work well with low-resolution content but instead get a 4K projector that will be able to upscale or downscale content.

Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio gives the difference between the darkest and the brightest part of the images n the screen. When the contrast ratio is higher, you get the best images and pictures on the screen as they bring out the details of both levels.

The contrast ratio may be right but also is affected by the ambient light and the quality of the screen. Therefore you may not depend significantly on this feature when deciding on the projector to use for your need.

When your projector has excellent lumens, and the contrast ratio is low, the image displayed on the screen appears to be washed out.

Aspect Ratio

What we mean with the aspect ratio is the shape of the video image that is projected on the screen from the source. A widescreen DVD has an Aspect ratio of 16:9 and the standard TV has an aspect ratio of 4:3.

The aspect ratio is important as it will determine the way the image or video will be displayed on the screen.

The way the image will display on the screen will depend mostly on the source material that is being projected on the screen. Most of the modern [pr0ojectors in the market have an aspect ratio of 16:9 including the Blu-ray content, widescreen DVD and many others.

Projector Throw Type

There is two distance in the projectors that are used the short throw and long throw. Before we continue is essential to know what throw distance the distance between the projector and screen and viewing distance.

The main question is the distance between your seats to the screen in front of you. With the short throw distance, you can get a large widescreen image of 100 inches from few meters from where you are seated.

Short throw

What the short throw does is to bring images to the screen from a short distance to more than 100-inch diagonal widescreen. The short throw reduces the shadows and eye glare that is usually installed on the wall or ceiling closer to where the image will be projected.

The throw distance is generally between 3 and 8 feet from the screen. Though the projector is few feet away from the projected image, the projector offers excellent images that are clear without distortion or disturbing people while they watch. The ultra-short image is also great ad the image is shown from 0 to 4 feet away.

Long throw

Many of the projectors in the market are of long throw distance. The long throw distance produces an image that is large and clear. The images shown from the projectors that are of long distance throw are always from projectors installed at the centers of the ceiling especially in a room that is large.


Peripherals are external devices that are abl4e to connect to the computer to offer excellent services that would not have been possible. Some of the peripheral devices that work well with the projectors are the screen and the sound system.

Most of the audio system works from projectors as they are inbuilt, but at the same time some people look forward to hearing a great sound and hence goes for surround sound system.


The way the content will be displayed on the screen depends significantly on the screen you are using to protect your content.

When you are using your projector in a different area and different screens, it is good to get a rollover screen to be moving around with to attain the desired quality of the images or content displayed on the screen. The wall can be a good wall if you intend to use the projector in a fixed position.

The Sound

Many people want to get a projector with good built-in speakers which may be hectic at some point to many people. Looking for a projector with the excellent sound system integrated into the projector is not easy for many people as they do not have much time.

The sound system is excellent when working with entertainment projector, but when it comes to the business presentations as you do not make use of the sound system, therefore, you will not have to have headaches of finding the right projector with the sound system that is great. Also if you are looking forward to having a surround sound system, still you have the best when you connect.

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