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Setting Up Your Bedroom – Useful Tips

Setting Up Your Bedroom – Useful Tips

Setting up your bedroom is always an exciting task. It should be a place where you are the most comfortable. From the hues that form the fundamentals of your decor to the furniture that you fill it up with – each detail needs to be thought out carefully. Here are a few points to ponder. 

How To Choose The Right Color

The color of the walls is very important. The ideal room should be filled with as much natural light as possible as this is uplifting and healthy. Pick a color that compliments natural light – experts suggest that you should choose visually pacifying or relaxing tones so you are not too stimulated come bedtime. 

A simple classic gray is a good example of a bedroom color theme. You can do so much with it in terms of decor and furniture as it compliments almost everything.

Consider wallpaper too. It does not have to be a vintage style – there are plenty of design options. Wallpaper allows you more flexibility in choosing the texture. The texture is important because of the different ways it can reflect or absorb light. Wallpaper can also be a way to showcase a bit of your personality. 

Bed Ideas

The centerpiece of your bedroom is, of course, your bed! You can buy a cool platform bed or get inspired by stylish bedrooms of the rich and famous. Are you going for a king-size? – or maybe a double should be enough. Do you have a space constraint? Choose a bed with storage or a modular one that can be resized accordingly. 

Invest in a high-quality mattress. Your sleep should never be compromised and good mattresses also encourages healthy, natural postures, protecting you from musculoskeletal problems like chronic back and shoulder pain.

From a design perspective, pick a bed that blends into the rest of the room. Ornate or plush upholstered headboards might work for a room with plenty of motifs and design elements. Many of us prefer the clean, minimalist look. For that, your bed needs to come in a basic, sharp frame with a simple headboard.

Keeping the bed tucked in the corner against two walls can create more floor space but avoid that option if your room is large enough for a central position. If your bedroom has a window, then make sure you are not missing out on the light. 

Furniture And Storage

There is always a debate about fitted and unfitted furniture. The former is aesthetically more appealing and you can create a lot of space. It costs a little more too. Unfitted furniture allows you more flexibility. You can be a little unconventional with your choice or you can choose some matching furniture. Basics would include a wardrobe, a couple of bedside tables, and a neat dressing table. 

These are just the rudimentary tips that can get you started. Space, storage, and comfort are the priorities when you design a bedroom. Make it unique and make it a place that welcomes you warmly each time you come back from a long day.

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