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5 Tips To Look Younger After Thirty

5 Tips To Look Younger After Thirty

Those freckles and wrinkles on your face make you underestimate yourself. You are feeling low because you look old. But you are not old. You are just thirty. So what should you do to gain back your young beauty? All the leading beauticians and stylists would tell you to take care of your skin. Your skin is the first thing that comes in contact with someone whenever you meet and greet.

Here are 5 tricks that can help you care your skin and look young again-

1. Use SPF

Sun kills your skin. Making it dull and patchy. Try to cover your skin as much as possible. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Exposure for a minute to the sun can damage your skin. For extra protection, use sunscreen. Take a big scoop of sunscreen and apply all over the exposed area. Don’t just apply it on your face.

Apply some on your hands and your arms. Don’t forget the chest. Sunscreens come with different SPF concentration. Depending on how much time do you stay exposed to the sun and the temperature, select the SPF concentration.

For example, if you are going out on a beach, use sunscreen that has higher SPF value. 

2. Use Anti-aging Cream

No matter whatever you do, you will need an anti-aging cream. Sydney Hooper from Siorai says that using an anti-aging cream starting in your early twenties will significantly help delay the onset of wrinkles. Once you’re thirty, anti-aging creams become all the more important. Apply the cream before going to bed at night. Before applying, cleanse your face with mild soap or face-wash.

You can also try exfoliating face-wash if your skin is too exposed to the dirt and pollution. Cleaning your face before applying sunscreen cream opens micro-pores in the skin and; thereby helps better absorption of the cream in the skin. Anti-aging cream is known for repairing the damaged skin cells.

3. Take A Good Night Sleep

Your sleep has a grave impact on your looks. Your posture, your peace of mind and your bedding all of these affect your aging. Sleep on your back and not your stomach or your sides. This will keep your skin upright and firm. Make your bed soft and cushioned. Take a softer pillow or roll a towel and make it your pillow.

You can develop crease marks on your skin over time if your sleeping posture or your bedding is not comfortable. Try to sleep early. Staying away till late in the night can cause dark circles and puffing of the eye bags below your eyes. 

4. Watch Your Diet

Whatever you eat is reflected by your skin. Include vitamin and mineral rich foods in your diet. Vitamin-C helps in the production of collagen that is known for color development of skin. Tomatoes, dairy products, and fibrous fruits are healthy for your skin.

Try to avoid smoking or too heavy drinking. Smoking can cause dullness and darkening of your skin. Red wine is considered healthy for your skin but only if consumed in a controlled manner. Alcohol is otherwise known to dehydrate. You don’t want to kill your skin by dehydrating it. Avoid too much sugar and salt.

High sodium foods are known for water retention. You don’t want to feel bloating or heavy. High salts can affect your skin similarly, by over hydrating. Include fermented foods, healthy fats and essential oils in your diet. These are good. Along with a healthy diet don’t forget to workout. 

Exercising helps your body absorb all the minerals and nutrients the best way. Maintaining your diet will not only make your skin look younger, but also make you feel younger in the soul.

5. Hydrate Yourself

Drink plenty of water. You don’t want to retain any toxins in your body. Water is known for its high solubility when it comes to organic matter. Remove all the toxins and waste from your body by drinking plenty of water at regular intervals.

The toxins in your body are keeping you soggy. Hydrating your body keeps you active and looks younger. Obviously, the young are the most active ones. You can relate to that. Sweat, urinate and replenish. Water not only removes toxins but also helps with the transportation of nutrients through your bloodstream. 

Staying young could be easy. It does not have to be that difficult. Incorporate these healthy habits in your lifestyle and you’ll never feel or look old again. Coz you know you’re not old. You’re just entering your thirties and there’s a long life ahead of you.

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