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Treating Parasite Die Off Symptoms

Treating Parasite Die Off Symptoms

Parasites are those organisms which live inside a host and eat the nutrients by leaving you with simply the leftovers. Irrespective of what you eat, the parasites will prevent you from receiving all the nutrients and minerals from your food. However, it is easy to deal with parasites and you can do it at home if you have the right supplements. A parasite cleanses can help you achieve optimal health within 90 days. If you have a chronic illness or infection, you might need longer to cleanse period but for most people, 90 days works best.

With the introduction of an eradication agent in the body, the parasites will die. This is because they release toxins which alert the body to pay attention and to expel them at the earliest. It might feel uncomfortable at the start but it is worth it in the end. If you are ill or have an infection, the detoxification organs in the body will be blocked and this will make the toxins to circulate inside the body as they wait to be detoxified. This is what leads to the die-off symptoms. You might have heard a lot about the symptoms but it is important to identify them and look at different ways of treating them. 

Symptom: a Headache

One of the most common symptoms of a detox is a headache. It occurs as the body adjusts to the diet or due to the parasite activity in the head. It can occur with sensitivity due to nausea and light. In order to treat this symptom, you can try WO China Healing oil on the temples and across the forehead. You also need to ensure that you remain hydrated because dehydration can cause a severe headache. 

Symptom: Pains and aches

This is a very common syndrome that most suffer from. It is the aching of your body including the muscles, joints and even the organs. It is because the body is eliminating the toxic waste from your body and it can be treated with Epsom salt or a magnesium chloride bath. Through the bath, you can pull the toxins from the skin and replenish the magnesium inside the body. 

Symptom: Fatigue

Fatigue is a common complaint in a parasite cleanse. You really need to be gentle with yourself and you will be able to gain vitality and energy after you spend a few weeks on the parasite protocol. You can fight it by ensuring that you sleep well. It is important to give your body space it requires for healing. Ensure you get at least eight to ten hours of sleep and allow your body time to recover. You can learn more about it on this post from Microbe Formulas

Symptom: Skin Rashes

At times your body will try to eliminate the toxins through the skin and you could experience skin sores, rashes, dry skin, and flare-ups. It can resolve on its own in a few days. You can use a soft brush with natural bristles and brush towards the heart. Try to skin brush a couple of times a day before a shower. You can also use coconut oil and tea tree oil to help the skin recover. 

Symptom: Depression and anxiety

Parasite infections can be responsible for anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. There are certain parasites which can influence the neurotransmitter pathways in the body and they can cause flare-ups of the current symptoms. To treat it, soak up on some Vitamin D. It will help boost the immune system and will also help the body with the detox burden. If it is too cold, use a Light Therapy Lamp. All you need to do is place the lamp a few feet away so that you can see it from a distance. It works best in the morning and afternoon. 

Symptom: Cravings

In the process of parasite cleansing, it is best to avoid foods like sugar and grains. This can slow down digestion. Hence, add as many fruits and vegetables as you can and add healthy fats to your diet. Sugar not only leads to bad oral hygiene but also causes diabetes, obesity, and liver. It could suppress the immune system activity for a period of six hours after the consumption. The best way to treat the cravings is to eliminate the processed or packaged foods so as to keep the infection under control.

These are very common die-off symptoms you can easily treat at home. 

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