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What Is The Best Underground Dog Fence?

What Is The Best Underground Dog Fence?

An underground dog fence comes with three simple devise- a transmitter, an in-ground wired line, and a receiver collar. The transmitter emits signals through the in-ground wire which works as an electrically charged boundary.

The collar receives the signals when a dog or pet wearing the collar gets closer to the in-ground boundary line. Depending on the distances of the dog from the line, the collar offers warning sound, vibration, and shock. The fence confines the dogs within a specific boundary this way. These are the basics of an underground dog fence.

Among the skilled electric dog fences, the underground or in-ground dog fence is a significant one. The key difference between the underground and wireless dog fence is that the underground fence has an in-ground wired line while the wireless fence is completely wire-free. 

An underground unit can cover a wider area than the wireless option. It offers safety and many other advantages. But you have to get a quality unit to get those advantages.

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What Does A Quality Underground Fence Contain?

Every manufacturer claims its fence to be the best. Before getting something best, try to figure out why it is best. It will make things easy for you to decide if it’s the right one for you or not. Similarly, if you know the facts and features of an in-ground dog fence which make the fence a perfect option, you can easily pick the perfect one among the available fences. What does a quality unit include? 

Let’s get them- 

Covered Area

It means the inside area of the underline boundary. A standard in-ground fence can cover an area ranging from 1/2 acre to 30 acres. Although there are a few models that can cover around 50 acres, which is superb. Recently, we have seen very few models in the market which are said to have a coverage of 100 acres, which is literally huge!

However, we can consider an area of 1/2 acre suitable for a single dog. If you want more, it’s not a problem. Up to 30 acres is standard, up to 50 acres from 30 is very good, anything over 50 acres is just superb. Everything will depend on wire length and transmitter’s power to send the signal.

Correction Type

Some models come with only beep or vibration, while most of the in-ground fences come with correction (shock) feature. It’s good if you purchase the models that include everything- warning beep, vibration, and correction. Try to avoid the unit that comes with a strong single correction feature, prefer the multi-correction feature models instead.


The in-ground models can be both types- waterproof or not. Waterproof indicates the collar mainly, although you can expect the transmitter too. Most of the models claim to be waterproof nowadays, although we’ve found some of them defective. Always purchase the proof models. For a dog, this is a must.

Collar Size

A big size dog requires bigger collar while the small collar is for the small dogs. You need to purchase the collar according to the size of your dog, therefore. Price doesn’t vary too much. Although unavailable, it would be better if the collar comes with an “adjustable” setting like the collars of wireless dog fences.


The battery in the collar should have the capacity to run around 10 days in a charge. Always look for a long run time. As the in-ground wire is directly connected to the power supply grid so you don’t need to think for battery in this regard.

User Remarks

Before purchasing a fence, we strongly suggest, please check the users' experience and remarks given in the trusted retailer sites. This is, we think, possibly one of the best ways to get the information about real quality and performance about a fence.

Last Words 

As you know the factors that determine if an underground dog fence is good or not. However, we suggest you dig down more and read the expert’s opinion (if possible) in any specific unit if you find it through your own study to be a good choice for the best underground fence. Don’t compromise with the quality as it’s all about the security of your beloved dog even if it costs a bit more.

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