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Where to Buy Baby Crib? Get the answer

Where to Buy Baby Crib? Get the answer

When you are expecting a baby, buying baby products can be a daunting and stressful activity. There are so many products on the market, and since your little one has not yet arrived, you might be confused of what exactly you need. A crib is an outstanding product you need to provide your baby with a comfortable and safe sleeping place. Knowing where to buy baby crib can also be a problem especially if you are buying it for the first time.

Even if you choose to have a bassinet at first or a bedside sleeper, your baby will outgrow them and eventually require a crib. Selecting a crib for the baby should not be complicated. If you know what you need, then you will not have trouble buying the right one.

This guide provides you with detailed information about where to buy baby crib, criteria for choosing the right, different types of cribs and much more. After checking it out, then you can be sure to get a beautiful crib that is safe and comfortable.

Do You Need a Baby Crib?

Every parent has a different approach when it comes to sleeping arrangements. You need a baby crib to provide your baby with a safe sleeping environment. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, sleeping in the same room with your baby for the first six months is recommended.

Studies carried out show that many children below the age of 2 years are exposed to fatal hazards when they sleep in adult beds. Another study carried out by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission from 1990-1997 indicates that more than 515 deaths of children less than two years took place in adult beds. Most of these deaths resulted from strangulation or suffocation.

We can conclude that you need to have baby crib if you are expecting a baby. This is the safest place where your baby can sleep without worrying about any hazard.

How to Choose the Right Baby Crib

Knowing how to pick the right baby crib is essential. Several factors should guide you when selecting a crib for your little one. Check out important considerations that will ensure you get the best baby crib. 

What type of baby crib do you want? There several styles and design on the market to suit the nursery needs of different people. There are three types of baby cribs that you can choose depending on what you find right for your baby. They include: 

Fixed cribs- This is a standard crib with 4 fixed sides and slats. You can get them in different styles to suit the décor of your nursery.
-Portable cribs- It features lockable wheels and a lightweight design ideal for travel. The cribs are smaller and perfect for people who have small apartments.
-Convertible cribs-This is a crib that will grow with your baby. It saves you money because you can use it from infant to toddler stage. If you want something that will last for many years, choose a four-in-one crib.

Crib Bedding

Buying the right bedding is equally essential as purchasing the crib. Get the right sized mattress that will fit the crib well. If two of your fingers can fit between the mattress and the edge of the crib, then it is small. You should also buy a waterproof pad and fitting sheets if the crib doesn't come with them.

Temperature And Ventilation

Before you buy the crib, check out some basic bedtime safety. Ensure that you keep the room between 65-70 degrees. Make sure the room is ventilated correctly and if there is a need to, you can add a fan.

Room Setup

Be mindful of the place where you want to locate the crib. Keep the crib far away from drapery and blinds which can cause strangulation hazards.

Crib Height

Ensure that you get a crib that is low to the ground to make it easy to reach your baby without any problems. The right height of the crib depends on your height.


When you are buying any baby furniture, safety should be a significant concern. You do not want to end up with a crib that is designed with hazardous materials. Make sure that it is tested by the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association. Check out if the locks on the droppable sides are secure and the bars are not more than 6cm apart. Do not buy crib bumpers because they can lead to suffocation.

Ensure that the crib does not wobble even when you shake it. If you experience this, it means that is not put together correctly. Also check if there are nails, glue, screws that might have stuck on the crib.

Best-Selling Baby Crib Brands

Now that you know what to check when buying a baby crib, many parents have no idea about where to buy baby crib. There are so many brands on the market, but this doesn't mean that they all provide products that are up to the mark.

Having several brands to choose from is excellent because you can make comparisons to get the best deals. However, it still makes the selection work complicated. When choosing the right brand, consider the company history, reputation, is it high end or low end, warranty and customer service. The following are recommended brands you can buy a baby crib. Lastly, if the crib is designed with wheels, make sure that they lock on tile and wood floor.


This is a recognized brand that provides high-quality baby cribs. They provide versatile and durable cribs that are comfortable and safe for your little one. The brand provides you with different models to choose from. Most of them can be converted to form a full-size bed, crib or toddler and much more. In regards to safety, their products have been tested for many years.


The brand is well-recognized when it comes to different baby products. Not only does it provide you with cribs but also quality on the go playards. They sell their products at affordable prices, and they have a beautiful design. The brand provides step by step guide when it comes to assembly. Their cribs are convertible, so they are designed to grow with the baby. Each of their products meets or exceeds the requirements of JPMA, CPSC and ASTM safety standards.


This is another brand that is trusted by many parents. They provide you with different models to match your taste. Instead of having a single finish, this brand combines several finishes in one product to provide you with a quality and attractive crib. Their cribs are versatile because they can be converted into the day, crib or toddler bed. The cribs have also undergone rigorous testing.

Stork Craft

The brand offers parents with different crib models that will meet their needs. Every model comes with a unique finish so you can choose the best to meet the current decors of your home. They are also versatile since they grow with the baby so you can be sure to save more money. The cribs have been tested, and they exceed the Canadian and American safety standards. In regards to durability, you can be sure of a long life.

Fisher Price

This is a company that has been producing baby products since the 1930s. Their products are durable and safe for the baby. The brand provides 100 percent guarantee on most of their products, and they sell their products at affordable prices. They also have an excellent customer service department that is available 7 days a week. This is something that you will not find in many crib manufacturers.

Other Brands

  • Munire;
  • Child Craft;
  • Dream On Me;
  • Broyhill Kids;

So, you may go to the above brands' website and purchase a suitable crib. Or you may visit Amazon and order a crib. But the best way is to visit a crib or baby care related blogs like Mom And Baby Lab and pick the perfect crib after reading some reviews.

How Much Should a Baby Crib Cost?

This is a common question among many parents who are expecting a baby. There are different types of cribs with different features and prices. According to Consumer Reports, you can get an economy crib that costs around 100-150 bucks. Other mid-priced baby cribs cost between 150-150 bucks while high-end models go for up to 450 bucks. Depending on your budget, you can be sure to choose a baby crib that meets your budget requirement.

Check out the features you want and then compare the price of different brands so that you can get the best deal. Make sure you get a quality crib with good paint and superb craftsmanship.

Last Words 

Buying a baby crib is one of the best ways you can give your baby sound sleep and promote healthy growth. They are safe for the baby because they reduce the chances of injuries taking place when babies sleep with adults. I believe you have the right information you need if you are planning to buy a baby crib.

Finding the best baby crib will now be easy if you what exactly to look for and where to find it. You can visit different online stores like Amazon, eBay and Walmart to find the right baby crib that will suit your baby nursery.

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